Northwest Dirt Churners is a website and newsletter dedicated to the community of trail running in the Pacific Northwest.  The website was officially launched in May of 2018 and the first weekly newsletter was sent a few months later in July.


“The day after the very first Northwest Dirt Churners email newsletter went out, I received a call from a potential client who said they had seen our advertisement in the newsletter.”

Joel Gaff, Jr.- Endurance Evolution


Copy and Video

  • Monthly Trail Running Community
    • Long Runs, Medium Runs, Short Runs
    • Group Trail Runs
    • Races
    • Coffee, Brewpubs, and other retail spots popular with the community
  • Gear Reviews
  • Feature Trail Running Stories



There are almost 9 million trail runners in the U.S according to Statista.  Whether the runner is first or struggling to make cut-offs, Northwest Dirt Churners hopes to tap into this market and expand it by highlighting the trail running communities and offer new trails and races to conquer.  Northwest Dirt Churners is promoted on several social networks, including Strava, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  We will partner with trail race directors and local running groups to expand the kinship of trail runners.

Since May 2018, the website viewership has grown steadily from 23,325 advertisement impressions to over 200,000 impressions in May 2020. The first five-month totals 0f 2020 had more than 19,000 page views and 2400 banner clicks at a .32% click rate.


A newsletter featuring Northwest trail running communities,  feature stories, trail races, and more will be sent out monthly to more than 800 subscribers with a 40% open rate and a 22% click rate.  Ninety-five percent of subscribers are from the Pacific Northwest.

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