A beautiful and challenging trail run, this journey takes the runner up to Mt. Erie and Sugarloaf from the Heart Lake parking lot.  The route is 6.78 miles and just over 2000 feet of ascent.  There is plenty of parking and no pass is needed.

If you are unfamiliar with the trails, it’s best to take a trail map or download a map app to your phone.  From the parking lot, take trail 313 across Heart Lake Road.  After about .4 miles, turn right on trail 21.  The climb continues for .8 miles to trail 207. This is where the real climbing starts. Turn right on 207 for .3 miles.  Continue climbing up 216 to reach the top of Mt. Erie.  The .9 mile climb ascends 732 feet to the summit.



Take in views of the islands, Lake Campbell, the Olympics, and the Cascades before descending back down trail 216. Turn right again on 207, but instead of heading back to 21, turn left on 230 for .3 miles.  Turn left at the 225/226 junction and continue on 226 to climb Sugarloaf for a half mile.



Once at the top of Sugarloaf, head down 215 trail instead of going back on 226. Follow 215 for a mile descent and cross Heart Lake Rd.  It’s a little confusing with several trails at this intersection, but look for trail 25 to head back to Heart Lake.  The rest of the route is fast and runnable.  In .2 miles on 25, the trail turns into trail 212.  In .4 miles, stay left at the intersection and follow trail 250 for 3/4 of a mile.  Turn right at 210 to take you back to the parking lot.