Because of the short drive from Portland Metro, Angel’s Rest is a popular day hike in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s two miles of climbing 1600′ to the Angel’s Rest scenic lookout of the Columbia River Gorge. There are two parking lots at the trailhead, and both fill up early. Most hikers take the trail to the lookout, spend time at the top, and head back down. The run to Angel’s Rest is a tough 4.6-mile run. Add a loop to Devil’s Rest for ten total miles.


Liz and Tia are on an Angel’s Rest hike.

Angel’s Rest Trail is a steady climb through a burnt forest from the 1991 and 2017 wildfires. Coopey Falls is around a mile up the trail where a bridge crosses the creek. Continue ascending on rocky switchbacks to the top. To make it to the lookout spur, cross small boulders to the cliff overlooking the Gorge.


Angel’s Rest


Stay on Angel’s Rest trail to the junction of Angel’s Rest and Foxglove Trail to start the loop. The loop can be made in either direction, but we’ll write about it in a counter-clockwise direction. Stay right at the junction on Foxglove to Devil’s Rest on a primitive trail section. In 1.4 miles is Devil’s Rest, the loop’s highest point at 2466′.


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A grouse on Devil’s Rest Trail

Devil’s Rest doesn’t have a view like Angel’s Rest. However, clearings in the forest offer views of the Gorge. Foxglove turns into Devil’s Rest Trail 420C (don’t take a faint trail at this junction.) Follow Devil’s Rest Trail for 1.5 miles to the Wahkeena Trail #420 junction.


Angel’s Rest Trail near Wahkeena Spring in winter.


Turn left at the junction and continue on Wahkeena past the Vista Point Trail to the Wahkeena Spring. The trail turns into Angel’s Rest Trail and continues 2.5 miles to the Foxglove junction. Continue the 2.4-mile descent back to the parking lot.



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