Big Beaver Trail is 24 miles of amazing trails through the old-growth forest along Big Beaver Creek.  To get to Big Beaver Trail, take the Ross Dam Trail seven miles to the trailhead between Pumpkin Mountain and Big Beaver Campgrounds, or take the Ross Lake Resort shuttle to the trailhead.  The Ross Dam Trail crosses Big Beaver Creek a steel bridge after it follows Ross Lake.


Big Beaver Creek as it drains to Ross Lake.


The Big Beaver Trail leads northwestward from Ross Lake 14 miles along Big Beaver Creek. The trail ascends over 2,000 feet as it winds through the marsh to Beaver Pass.  There’s a giant waterfall a mile from the lake, and the only old-growth western red cedar forest in North America is four or five miles further down the trail.  The first mile travels through the marsh area created by beavers that is over 150 years old and designated a Research Natural Area.


The waterfall is just up the trail.


About three miles toward 39 Mile Camp is the grove of ancient red cedars. This grouping of trees is considered one of the largest stands of red cedars in the world.  The trail continues to McMillan Creek, where the trail ascends north for the first viewpoints of the North Cascades peaks.  Look to the east for waterfalls coming off of Mt. Prophet.

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The Big Beaver Trail crosses a few streams and then scales 1,150 feet to Beaver Pass.  The trail continues climbing over the pass on a mild then steep descent. After were it ends at a junction with the Little Beaver Trail along the Little Beaver Creek and onto Whatcom Pass.


North Cascade peaks from the Big Beaver Trail.


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