I’m cheating a bit here because this is from the Coast Mountain Trail Running race “Bucking Hell,” admits Adam Lee when asked about his favorite Mt. Seymour routes.  “I’m only bringing it up because it’s awesome, so can you blame me? How does a 1200m descent sound? How about a mountain peak to take in some views? Maybe some waterfalls? Bridges? Iconic and historic north shore trails?”


Dinky Peak


Bucking Hell is a Gary Robbins creation, so it’s probably not surprising to list what runners have in store for them,” says the founder of the Community Trail Running Podcast and newsletter. “The course was recently redesigned, and this downhill portion of their 50km ultra race (also the first half of the team relay course) is incredibly fun and completely unforgiving. You’ll need two vehicles, as it’s a point-to-point, but the fun factor is an 11, and you’ll be utterly smashed.”



“I won’t describe trail by trail, but this route starts at the parking lot area of the ski resort and sends you up to one of the first peaks before starting the long, sometimes scenic, oftentimes difficult descent to the Seymour River,” confronts Lee. “This entire route is a little over 25km and packs a punch with nearly 1000m of climbing as well as all of that descending. If you like running down, you’ll love this route, but be ready for that sneaky amount of climbing and for the tough terrain and trails you’ll be descending.”