Welcome to NWDC’s new Trail Snail community!  In a recent survey sent to newsletter subscribers was a common theme for more features to newer trail runners, slower group runs, and shorter runs.  Also, the survey revealed that runners want a reliable list of trails to begin running on.

I started wondering if NWDC is seeing new trail runners, what is the world seeing?   I looked on Strava 2020 end in year results showed a similar theme but on a global scale seeing a 33% increase of uploads in 2020 over 2019, and runners alone had a 55% increase in personal records for the 5k, 10k, ½ marathon, and marathon. In addition to running and other activities, walking uploaded increased trifold. Now not all runners are walkers, or walkers are runners, but if you run as I do, walking is an integral part of my time on the trail.  This is strictly not trail running, but it does speak to people’s desire for more activity in their life!

So what should you expect from the Trail Snail Community?

  • Featured articles for newer trail runners
  • Trail routes dedicated to newer trail runners with shorter distances and manageable elevation gain.
  • Group runs (based on pandemic guidelines) inclusive of all paces

How can you contribute to the Trail Snail Community?

  • If you consider yourself a Trail Snail and would like to know, contribute, or have a suggestion, please contact me.

Who am I, and why do I care about the trail snails, back of the pack, and ‘OMG’ did I make the cut-off runners?  Because I am that person! My name is Liz Fero, and I identify as an ultra-jogger.  Sure, I can make the distance but will the beer still be cold when I get to the end?

Welcome to the Trail Snail Community!


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