Cathedral Hills is a trail system just outside of Grants Pass.  It’s ten miles of trails intertwine between forests of Douglas Firs, Ponderosa Pines, Manzanitas, and Madrones connecting neighborhoods in the foothills of Grants Pass and Murphy.  Spring is a great time to visit for wildflowers.

The system is very confusing to outsiders, so best to study a map before you go to get a specific distance or time.  There are signs in the park to Espey, Walker, and Sky Crest Trailheads that make it easy to get back to your car.


Cathedral Hills Trail Map


A 9.3-mile loop from Espey is a great way to use most of the trails and get a good hill workout with 1871′ of ascent.  This route adds the challenging W trail and Wild Rose Loop lollipop.  Download the map to a watch to make navigation easier.


A madrone tree among the many species in Cathedral Hills


The connecting trails between the loop will add distance and climbing if the loop is not long enough.  There are some viewpoints of Grants Pass and the Rogue Valley foothills at various spots.


Views of the Rogue Valley foothills between the trees