Cline Buttes and Maston are other great winter trail systems in nearby Tumalo just south of Redmond.  Cline Buttes is a system on hard-packed dirt trails that are great for climbing while Maston’s sandy trails are perfect for winter running.


Moonrise from Cline Butte (Photo Saul Eidukas @atrailrunner)


Cline Buttes area doesn’t have any signage, so it’s best to have a cell phone with a map app to get around.  The Cline Buttes Loop is a popular 7.2-mile trek for bikers, hikers, and trail runners.  Several trails lead off the loop for a longer run.  The hills offer technical challenges due to the loose rocky descents. The top of the butte grants exceptional views of the area, including the Cascade Mountains.


A frosty morning on Cline Buttes trails (photo: Saulius Eidukas)

“We often run and bike at Maston,” says Go Beyond Racing’s Renee Janssen.   “It’s a nice trail system with a 5-mile-ish loop that we like, but there are other trails around to make bigger loops and out and backs too. The out-and-back to the Deschutes River is cool, with views of it from the cliffs above.”
The perimeter loop around Maston is 11.8 flat miles.  The sandy trails are a great way to get some speedwork done.  Some of the trails like Rockbar and Pumice trails flow through pumice fields adding some technical terrain.  Go Beyond Racing and Alpine Running use Maston as part of their trail series events.

The Bend Trail Series uses Maston Trails (Go Beyond Racing Instagram Page)

Combine both Cline Buttes and Maston for a long run by using the 1.6-mile connector to the Juniper Trailhead.



Cline Buttes Elevation Profile


Maston Perimeter Loop Profile