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Fort Ebey was built to protect the Pacific Northwest during World War II.  Several gun batteries are placed underground through what is now Fort Ebey State Park.  The park features camping spots available for reservation March 1 – October 15, and day-use picnic areas open year round. A Discovery Pass is required to access Fort Ebey State Park.

Located on the west side of Whidbey Island, Fort Ebey extends exceptional sunsets highlighting the Olympic mountains and the other islands located in the Puget Sound.  Libby Beach offers surfers access to waves; and the cliffs for paragliders.


Bluff Trail overlooking Admiralty Inlet


Twenty-five miles of trails weave throughout the 651 acres of the park for hiking, mountain biking, and of course, trail running.  The bluff trails on the west side overlook Admiralty Inlet, and the inner trails snake through Douglas Fir and Hemlock trees.  The trails are dry most of the year, but its twisty switchbacks and rooty footholds challenge all types of athletes.


Shepard’s Crook Trail of Fort Ebey State Park


There are many short trails that make up the trail system.  It’s easy to get confused on the trail, but the Kettles and Main Line trails connect runners to HWY 20 and Point Partridge Road.  Use these trails to gauge where you are in the park.  A great 8.3-mile loop in the park we created highlights the Bluff trail, Lake Pondilla, spongy and windy forest trails like Shephard’s Crook, and 1500′ feet of technical climbing.



Trail map courtesy of Washington State Parks and Recreation