“Well, this is kind of cheating again, but why mess with a good thing?” confesses Adam Lee, host of the Community Trail Running Podcast and newsletter. “I could get cute and come up with some other ways of going about your adventures. The recently redesigned Bucking Hell course is fantastic, but the first iteration of the Bucking Hell course is incredibly fun, too, and very tough. I didn’t even finish it in my lone attempt, but I loved the challenge, of course. I attempted it with two other friends, and my wife and another good friend crewed us. We called it “Huckin Bell” in honour of the original, and now I’m sharing it with you all; since the course is no longer, this is a fun way to carry it on in a way.”



“I may have described how much of a nuisance parking in Deep Cove can be in the summer, but it really is an incredible spot, and to be able to touch the ocean and look up towards the top of Seymour is a special feeling, discloses Lee. “It’s an incredible place to start a run. If you start early enough and finish reasonably well, you might even be able to get some food in Deep Cove afterward and take advantage of being there already.”



“It’s a very tough course that will send you from sea level to peak and back. It’s a little over 50km and somewhere around 2500m of elevation,” expresses Lee. “You will find this a challenge, as the course was one of Coast Mountain’s toughest, which means it’s one of the toughest you’ll find. The rewards are endless, though. Some amazing views, incredible trails, and varying terrain will keep you entertained as long as you can keep moving forward.”