I was asked to write a review on the Injinji trail running socks for this month’s newsletter. Injinji is an affiliated brand of Northwest Dirt Churners, which means NWDC receives a small commission from sales via a link on the website.

I’m not a stranger to the Injinji toe sock. I have a few pairs in my sock arsenal but have always been somewhat suspicious to jump on the toe sock wagon. So, when asked to write this review on the Injinji toe sock, I could not refuse the opportunity to dive right in and give them a shot.



Injinji has two sock styles meant for trail running: the Spectrum, and the Trail. Each style has a fiber content of 39% COOLMAX® 58% Nylon 3% Lycra®. The mid-weight COOLMAX® material wicks away moisture from the foot and between the toes and a mesh top to allow breathability for the feet to stay dry and cool. Both socks are cushioned for moving fast across shifting uneven terrain. Each has a band under the arch that adds support.  There are two fits of each style; a mini-crew that has a double cuff that provides a snug fit around the ankle to keep dirt and debris out and a crew length ride high above the ankle.  The socks I tried for this review are the Spectrum mini-crew.


Spectrum Trail Midweight Mini-Crew $18.00


The first noticeable difference is they have individual toes. The sock feels well-constructed with a little extra material around the heel cup and the toe area. For the “unseasoned” Injinji sock owner, putting them on can create some challenges.  The individual toe is Injinji’s solution to the dreaded toe blisters during those longer runs. Once they are on, they feel exactly what I would expect a -sock at this price point to feel (anywhere from $16.00 ­- $ 25.00 per pair). The arch feels very well supported, and the heel feels supported by the extra padding noted earlier. The sock feels great in the shoe. It’s snug, but not overly snug. The toes have plenty of room to breathe and is cushioned in all the right places.


When putting on your socks, roll your socks down to the toes, slide in your toes and then roll the rest of the sock over your foot and ankle for a snug and secure fit!

On the trail, these socks feel pretty fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised with the ability to have my toes splay out farther due to the individual toe feature. The sock breathes very well and does a great job at water management during rainy conditions and puddle stepping. It’s important to note here that I did intentionally step in as many puddles and run-in rainy conditions to test this sock’s water management.

Now that I have had these socks for about three weeks, 40 miles, and 6 machine washes on them. I’m happy to report that they still feel and look like they did the first day out of the box. There are a couple of minor gripes (minimal). First, I do wish they were individually labeled L and R as most foot specifics socks do.  You probably think this is a no brainer as there is an apparent visual difference regarding the toes, but I still think it would help save time differentiating. Also, the ankle cuff is designed so that it is “double cuffed” (meaning it is two separate layers of fabric). I believe this design causes the cuff to slip while running. This might be a minor inconvenience to some runners, but I am easily bothered by sock slippage.  The crew fit will be my next trial.

The Injinji trail sock faired very well, in my opinion. It has padding and support in all the right places. I probably won’t replace all my running socks with Injinjis, but I think they serve a purpose in trail running, and they do that purpose very well. Please comment or ask questions. I’m always interested in other runners’ perspectives on the items we review on NW Dirt Churners.

Cheers and happy running!