Kenna Cartwright Park has over 40 km of challenging trails, many of which offer extensive views of the Kamloops, the Thompson River, and the surrounding foothills.  Hillside Drive is the most popular trailhead.  The park can also be accessed from Pacific Way on the North end, the Home Depot parking lot (Reservoir Trail), and Bunker Road.  The Hillside parking area has a gazebo in the parking lot for post-trail run refreshments.


The Dirty Feet running group enjoying a view in Kenna Cartwright Park


The Ponderosa Trail is 5.2 km and acts as a belt line around the park.  Combine it with Red Tailed Hawk and Prickly Pear to make a fairly easy loop.  This trail is used as an access road through the park. Some sections are old double track. Its main purpose is to get to the single track trails.

For new trail runners, or those looking to get a short, flatter run, the cell tower loop offers a great option in the park.  Starting from the main parking area, run around Prickly Pear to Little Pine onto Big Pine to West Vista then onto Ruffed Grouse to Ponderosa to Doc Findlay and then back on Red Tailed Hawk. It is a really nice loop showcasing some of the trails in Kenna Cartwright.