Looking for a little adventure deep in the heart of the Siuslaw National Forest?  Look no further than the North Fork Smith Trail to Kentucky Falls.  These trails wind through the coastal temperate rainforest among old-growth Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.  Be prepared for some untamed trails and maybe a possible washout.  It will be worth it once the trail ends at an observation deck overlooking Lower Kentucky Falls, an incredible 100-foot twin falls at the confluence of Kentucky Creek and Smith River and the stunning Upper Kentucky Falls.


Upper Kentucky Falls (Max Radke)


An out and back can start at either the North Fork Smith Trailhead or the Kentucky Falls Trailhead.  Both falls are located within two miles of the Kentucky Falls Trailhead.  The trail is 8.5 miles long, so 17 miles for an out and back.


Kentucky Falls Trail Sign

The trail follows the North Fork of the Smith River downriver from Kentucky Creek where it joins the Middle Fork.  The river is a nice cool down after a hot summer run.


Lower Kentucky Falls and North Fork Smith Falls



Trail Running on the North Fork Smith River Trail (Alan Calvert)