The Larison Rock Loop is a staple Oakridge ride for Mountain Bikers.  Most of the bikers take the Forest Roads to the top, but trail running can be done either direction.  Those not wanting to climb on the Forest Roads can do an out and back on Larison Rock.  The loop is about 12 miles with 3200′ feet of ascent.

The Larison Rock Trail is wonderful singletrack through giant moss-covered Western Hemlock and Douglas Fir trees.  The curvy trail is fun to descend on both bike and foot.  Since Larison Rock is a two-way trail, be aware of bikes speeding through the banked corner trail.   The trail is closed to mountain bikes from November through March due to potential impacts during wet weather.


Photo Credit: James Holk


Start from Greenwaters Park and cross the bridge. Turn left on La Duke Rd (5852). Stay straight at Hwy 21 before turning right onto Larison Rock Rd (2102).  Climb up Larison Rock Road to the start of the trail on the right-hand side of the road.  Do a quick out and back to the viewpoint for views of Oakridge and its surrounding foothills.

Continue to the Larison Rock trail for a steep descent down a ridge to a traverse across the top to the trail on steep side slopes that mountain bikers love so much.

Head back to La Duke Rd and then stay left at Greenwaters Trail back to the park.