The Leavenworth Ski Hill has a set of mountain bike trails built by the Evergreen Trail Alliance in partnership with the USFS Wenatchee Ranger District.  Located only a couple of miles from downtown Leavenworth, these trails have huge wall rides and berms meant for MTB, but can be fun to run as well.


The Leavenworth Ski Hill has several trails and routes to offer runners and bikers


The Freund Canyon Loop is the classic 8.5-mile trail ride using the backside of the ski hill.  Rosy Boa runs right on a ridgeline and offers great views of Leavenworth, Tumwater Mountain, and Freund Canyon.  The New Uphill Trail is a great access trail from the parking lot for 4 or 5-mile loops on Freund Canyon and Rosy Boa using the 4 the Boys Trail back to the Ski Hill Lodge for post-run refreshments.

The trails can also be accessed from the 3.3-mile trail on Ranger Rd.


New Uphill Trail


TitleDifficultyDistanceHigh PointLow Point
4 The Boyz Memorial TrailBeginner1.8 miles1,877 feet1,430 feet
Freund CanyonIntermediate8.5 miles2,970 feet1,401 feet
Lower RibbedAdvanced1.5 miles2,200 feet1,450 feet
New Uphill TrailIntermediate3.0 miles2,500 feet1,430 feet
RibbedAdvanced1.2 miles3,075 feet2,280 feet
Rosie BoaAdvanced2.5 miles2,690 feet1,740 feet

Source:  Evergreen Trails 


Rosy Boa Trail