Ledlenser really blew it away with the NEO10R LED Headlamp. This light boasts 650 Lumens with a 490-foot distance on a 10-hour charge. That’s almost an entire night of running!

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NEO10R $79.95



Luminosity                        650 lumens max – 10 lumens min

Battery Duration              120 hours max – 10 hours min

Light Range                      490 feet max – 65 feet min


The Ledlenser headlamp and included accessories.


The Light

First impression right out of the box. The NEO10R is built for use under any condition. The light and bezel feel sturdy, the head strap feels strong, and provides enough elasticity and adjustability for most if not all head sizes. The battery pack also feels well-built and machined to precision. Retail on the NEO10R is $79.95 direct from Ledlenser.  Save $10 by using the code Ledlenser10. Included in the box, you will find the LED light, power cord, and power cord extension, Li-Ion battery, Chest strap, Head strap, powerpack holder, USB charger and instructions, as well as warranty information.

At first glance, I was extremely impressed with the headlamp’s construction but a bit skeptical with the overall weight as it felt heavier than most headlamps out on the market. Also, having a designated battery pack instead of housing the battery behind the light seemed excessive but justifiable given the NOE10R’s lumen rating and run time. After charging the battery, I strapped the headlight on and went out for a run. Initially, it did take some getting used to. The weight was defiantly a factor until I strapped the headband a little bit tighter. One thing to note here is that I prefer the battery pack in a “horizontal position” instead of the “vertical position” as intended by Ledlenser. I slid the battery pack onto the straps as you would for the chest strap option. After about two miles in and adjusting the light about three times, I hardly noticed it was there except for the 650 lumens lighting up the trail.

The Ledlenser has one button for all three light modes, which is super easy to use one-handed and feels intuitive. The first press is the brightest setting, the second is the middle setting, and the third is the lowest. One button using one hand is so simple!  You can also focus the light beam by simply twisting the light bezel to the desired intensity. This function comes in handy when tackling technical trails at night or trying to find something in a drop bag during a race. Another nice feature of the NEO10R is the battery pack light. The battery pack illuminates a red light when in use, which is intended as a cautionary backlight for runners who might be behind you.



Mounting Options

The NEO10R has two mounting options. The first is a head strap, and the second is a chest strap mount. I am not too sure as to the use and practicality of the chest strap. I did try using it during a run and noticed that the light did bounce quite a bit more than what I would have liked. Also, I found it exceedingly difficult to use the chest mount in conjunction with a hydration vest. I tried to use it with the VaporKrar by Nathan with no luck. I guess if you were creative enough, you could find a way to mount it on to a hydration vest, but I do feel as though the light would bounce around too much for any practical use in trail running.  Watch the YouTube video to see how the chest strap is mounted.


The Ledlenser NEO10R weighs 6.28 oz.



If you are in the market for a new headlamp, I would highly recommend the Ledlenser NEO10R. I’ve typically stuck with a 300-lumen headlamp, but now running at night with 600 lumens, I would find it hard to go back. This headlamp is versatile, built well, and priced more than accordingly. Not to say that the NEO10R is perfect; it does have some flaws. I would have preferred a lighter headlamp, but then again, 10 hours of light at 600-lumens is well worth it, in my opinion. I would also like to see a red-light option on the headlamp for night vision and not blind your friends.