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Maple Trail is the hidden gem of Forest Park.  The 3.5 mile trail starts just North of Fire Lane 2 on Wildwood trail and ends near the 6.5 mile mark on Leif Erickson Rd. just north of Saltzman Rd. For a few years, runners had to run around a section up Koenig trail and back down Fire Lane 4 because of a downed bridge.  That bridge was rebuilt this spring, so the trail is now fully functional.

The best way to access Maple trail is from the West or East entrance of Saltzman Rd.  A great 8.5 mile loop that includes Wildwood trail starts at the East entrance of Saltzman Rd. right off of Highway 30 in the industrial area of NW Portland.  Part of this loop will be closed from July to October 2018.

  • From the Saltzman entrance, run .4 miles to the Maple trail and turn right.
  • Follow the Maple trail past Quarry trail and up to Leif Erickson.
  • Turn Right on Leif Erickson for 1/2 mile to Fire Lane 5.
  • Turn left up Fire Lane 5 for a steep quarter mile climb.
  • Turn left on Wildwood trail for 5 miles.  Look for the blue diamond mile markers.
  • Do not turn at the Maple trail short cut.  Run past mile marker 13.  The Maple trail sign will be on the right, but the trail is on the left.  If you hit Fire Lane 2, you’ve gone too far.
  • After heading left on Maple trail, you’ll head downhill to a creek bed, and then up a small hill, and back down to Leif Erickson.
  • The trail crosses Leif Erickson and heads toward Koenig trail.  Between Koenig trail and Fire Lane 4 is the new bridge.  At Fire Lane 4, there are thick blackberry bushes that make a great aid station in August.  Just past Fire Lane 4 is a cedar tree that snapped a couple years ago over the trail.  Salzman Rd. follows soon after.
  • Turn right on Salzman Rd. for the last .4 miles to the trail head.

Click on the video for a sped up version of the entire Maple Trail.