A short distance from the small town of Littlerock is Margret McKenny Campground and the Waddell Creek entrance to Capitol State Forest.  The Margeret McKenny – Mima Falls loop can be run any time of the year.  The 13.3 miles and trails are maintained fairly will and enough climbing to get 2400′ of ascent on the watch.


Tuesday night run on McKenny trail with Olytrailrunners


The loop directions are fairly easy and there are plenty of signs to help new park users.  Just follow McKenny trail for 4.5 miles to Mima Falls West trail.  Turn left on Mima Falls for 5 miles to the Mima Falls Tie and Mima Falls East junction.  Continue left on the tie trail for 1.2 miles to turn right on Campground Trail.  The Campground trail meets the Equine trail and rounds out the loop back to the McKenny trail.  Turn right back to the trailhead.


Mima Falls is a small waterfall, especially for PNW standards

These trails have the typical Pacific Northwest Forest standards, evergreens, maples, oaks, surrounded by moss and streams.  This is a working forest, so there are some clear cut areas.  Logging and target practice can be heard throughout Capitol State Forest.  The Mima Falls is not impressive, but worth checking out for a short view.

Add seven miles and 1700′ ascent to the run by with the Lost Valley loop by continuing on McKenny trail toward Fall Creek to Lost Valley trail.  This trail will circle back to Mima Falls West Trail shortly after the intersection of McKenny and Mima Falls West.

These trails are shared with ATVs, MTBs, and horses