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This fall’s featured trail runner is Megan Pugmire. Megan is the Associate Vice President of Brand Strategy and Marketing at OHSU in Portland. Her experience leading up to that was as a creative director and graphic designer. Megan is an avid reader, usually reading 1-2 books weekly. She loves fiction and nonfiction equally.  Her favorite three so far for 2024 are Prophet Song, by Paul Lynch; November 1942, by Peter Englund; and To Free the Captives, by Tracy K. Smith. Megan also loves gardening, cooking, hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, and anything related to the arts — music, film, theatre, dance, and visual art. She also loves science in all its forms and believes what her dad used to say growing up: “Everything is interesting.”


How did you get into trail running?

I got into trail running because a friend of mine from high school posted on Instagram maybe ten years ago about running the Grand Canyon rim to rim. I thought it sounded impossible but also amazing. So I looked into it and started running by myself in Forest Park. I ran track and cross-country in middle school and high school so I was already a runner but soon realized nothing was better than running on trails.

What is your favorite trail to run?

My favorite trail to run on is still anywhere in Forest Park. We’re so lucky. I especially love running in the dark in winter with a headlamp and seeing the city lights shining through the trees.

What is your favorite trail race?

My favorite trail race so far has been the Smith Rock 50k. All the wildflowers were in bloom, and the views of the valley near the end were astounding.


Finish line at Smith Rock Ascent 50k.


What are your weekly average running miles and ascent?

I’m not a huge running stats tracker. I just do what Training Peaks tells me to do and pay attention to how I feel. Right now I’m averaging about 30 miles a week and I’m not sure on ascent!

What is a typical weekday run?

A typical weekday run for me is an out-and-back from Marquam Shelter to Council Crest. Or else an hour on my treadmill watching Chef’s Table on Netflix or Home on Apple TV+. For some reason I only like to watch documentaries when I run, not narrative TV. Otherwise I listen to K-pop playlists my teenager makes me. I also do a few plyo or HIIT workouts a week on the Sweat app.


Chianti Classico Marathon in theTuscany region of Italy.


What is a typical weekend run?

A typical weekend run is usually some version of Wildwood + a few other trails.

What shoes do you wear?

I wear Altra Lone Peaks. I’m a believer in foot-shaped, zero-drop shoes. I had plantar fasciitis before when I was running in other brands. I did a lot of research to get to Altra and I’ve never had any foot issues since. I’ve converted my husband, my parents, and my mother-in-law too so maybe I can earn a commission soon?


Altra Lone Peak 7 Trail-Running Shoes – Women’s | REI Co-op regularly $150.00 on sale $104.73 


What is your favorite trail running apparel?

My favorite trail running apparel is Patagonia. I’d always rather support a company trying to do good in the world than anyone else.

What watch do you wear?

I wear a Garmin Forerunner 645. I like that it fits my small wrist and has what I need without being too complicated. I always wear a Garmin heart rate chest strap too because I’m a dedicated heart rate zone runner. I started with The Maffetone Method and have been trying the 80/20 method lately and liking it. If I’m going to run far, I want to be sure and protect my heart health.


Finishing Silver Falls 50k


What nutrition do you like to use on runs and races?

My favorite nutrition is brands without too much junk: Muir Energy and Spring Energy. That said, I’ve started experimenting with whole foods more and converting to that because I noticed especially during races that my body was craving more complex flavors. Today for my 20-mile run I brought a PBJ, bean and English cheddar burrito, and grapes. I felt way better eating real food than gels and didn’t notice any difference in my performance or digestion. So, I’m going to spend this season exploring this approach more.

What do you like most about the trail running community?

My favorite thing about the trail running community is how welcoming it is and how there is always someone ready for an adventure.



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