The Metolius River Trail is a scenic and relatively easy route to run. The trail follows the Metolius River, offering stunning views of the crystal-clear water, pine forests, and the Cascade Mountains.

Trail map from the parking lot near the Camp Sherman store.


The trail is primarily flat or has gentle inclines, making it suitable for runners of all abilities. It stretches for several miles along the river. The east and west forks quickly turn a run into an out-and-back or a loop using the three bridges over the river.


Black Butte from the West Metolius River Trail.


The trails on both sides of the river run north (downstream) and south (upstream) from the Metolius from Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery. An out-and-back on the east side can be run for any distance up to ten miles. A 6.5-mile loop through the river and forests of Ponderosa and White Bark pines go downstream to Lower Bridge, crossing the river and returning on the opposite bank. The east side of the trail goes through several camping sites, so be ready for steady onlookers.


Trail junction sign on the East side of the Metolius River.


The trail along the west bank is not as long as the east trail, but it is more private. It leads to the confluence of Canyon Creek and bountiful springs flowing into the Metolius.


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For longer runs, the Metolius River Trail can also be combined with other trails, like the Metolius-Windigo Trail or the Lake Creek Trail. The trail is generally well-maintained and has a packed dirt or gravel surface.


Sunflowers on the East Metolius River Trail.


The Metolius River Trail is a multi-use trail with hikers, mountain bikers, dog walkers, and fly fishermen. Please be courteous and practice trail etiquette to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The trail can be busy, especially during peak season (summer) and weekends. For a quieter run, consider going early in the morning or weekday.



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