The Newberry Volcano is the largest volcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc, with a total volume of around 120 cubic miles. It contains the Newberry Caldera, with the last eruption taken place 1300 years ago.  Within the caldera are Paulina and East Lakes.  At 7,984′, Paulina Peak overlooks the caldera and offers views of the rest of the mountains in Central Oregon.


The 21 mile Crater Rim Trail circumnavigates the Newberry Volcano


Located near Sunriver about halfway between Bend and LaPine, Newberry lies slightly east of the other Cascade mountains. The dry climate offers early mountain running, as the snow is usually melted by late June.  There are several trails in the Newberry Volcanic Monument.  To circumnavigate the 21 miles, 3200′ of ascent around the volcano, start at the Paulina Day Use area and head south toward Paulina Peak on the Crater Rim Trail #3957.



In about 2.75 miles is the Paulina Peak Trail.  This trail is not part of the loop, but it’s worth taking the .3 mile out and back to see the top of Paulina and gather views of Central Oregon.  The total climb to Paulina Peak is 1600′, about half of the ascent of the loop.  Head back down to the Crater Rim Trail and continue left.  At the 10 mile mark is a trail junction to the dome.  This is another quick out and back for adventurers.

From mile 10 to 17 is a gradual climb around the East Lake area of the volcano.  Then the trail descends down to Paulina lake for four miles and back to the day-use area.

Other trails include the Paulina Lake Loop, a 7-mile trail around Paulina Lake, and the Newberry Crater Trail, a 9.5-mile trail that intersects the Crater Rim Trail. The Peter S. Odgen Trail is a 4.8-mile trail from Highway 97 to the Paulina Day Use area.