This spring’s featured trail runner is Eugene’s Nick Newbold.  Nick runs his own Microgreen business called Red Wolf Greenery, specializing in blends he calls Runners Remedy (Cantaloupe, Buckwheat, Speckled Pea, and Beet). He also works retail, selling sunglasses for his day job. Nick also does photography.

Nick grew up skateboarding and still enjoys that in moderation. Recently Nick has shifted much of his focus towards Half Ironman Triathlons; perhaps the most significant aspect of Nick’s life is continual participation and involvement with Eugene’s local native community. “My spirituality is the foundation of who I am, and being involved with such a beautiful community is always rewarding,” explains Nick.

How did you get into trail running?

I got into trail running accidentally but also naturally. I was always someone with a deep connection to nature; I also found a place of refuge in running. At a strange point in my life, where I was overcoming some dark, dark times, I decided I was going to run up the hill I could see from my house. I was in slip-on vans, and the hill turned out to be a local mountain; my run turned into a grueling hike, and yeah, I was hooked.

What is your favorite race, and why?

I think my favorite is the 50k route Daybreak Racing used for the Wy’east Howl. It’s like the perfect adventure route, with awesome views and many different kinds of terrain. I’m stoked to see the changes made this year for the new Wy’east Trailfest.


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What are your weekly average running miles and ascent?

I’m currently in a gradual build-back from a knee injury, so I’m aiming towards around 30 miles a week and for between 4,000 and 6,000 ft in elevation gain. With balancing swim and bike also, I haven’t decided on a number I want to build to yet. Just taking it easy and trying to be responsible along the way.


Nick climbing to Mt. Pisgah on the trails at Howard Buford Park.

What is your typical weekday run?

I try running off the trail at least two times a week, maybe a tempo workout Monday, a steady state on Wednesday, and a 45-minute run straight off the bike on Friday. The days change, but I try to hit all 3 of those each week, distances ranging from 3-10 miles depending on my work schedule.

What is your typical weekend run?

On the weekends, I love going to Mt Pisgah for a long run, depending on the distance my dad and my puppy might join. Right now, my long runs are around the 10-14 mile range, but I’d like to get back in the 20s sometime soon.


Nick and his father, Josh, after running the Rogue Gorge.

What shoes do you wear?

Mainly Altra Lone Peaks for the trail and Altra Escalante Racers for the road. I stick with Altra because they work perfectly for me, flat foot, zero drop, roomy toe box, and great ground feel.

What is your favorite trail running apparel?

I jump around with brands, but it’s a go as long as it’s durable. Shorts pretty much ten months out of the year, and merino wool is a lifesaver. Half my shirts came from races.

What watch do you wear?

I’m using the Polar Pacer Pro. I really enjoy everything about this watch. It’s not touch screen, super simple, but also captures a ton of data, is accurate and reliable, and I only have to charge it every 3 or 4 days. I was intrigued by Polar, especially with ultra running and triathlons. I couldn’t be happier.

Nick at the Wy'East Howl 50k (now Wy'East Trail Fest.)

Nick running the Three Sisters Skyline 50k

What nutrition do you like to use on runs and races?

If the run is under an hour, I power through. I’ll take a gel or something similar as needed on longer runs. Gu gels are my favorite. You can never go wrong with trail mix or sour patch kids when all else fails. I’m not opposed to eating full meals on the run on long, long days. I always bring plenty of whole food on those adventures.

What do you like most about the trail running community?

I feel like the trail running community is so diverse and welcoming. Sometimes it feels like everybody can read my mind, and complete strangers can feel like close friends. It’s trippy to think about how a world-encompassing community can also feel so close to home.

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