COVID-19 Schedule Update:

The 2021 race calendar has been updated in line with the race websites. Many websites or races have not been updated to 2021 because of COVID-19.  Those races have been moved one year over from the 2020 scheduled date.  Please check the race website for the latest information.

From Ashland to Alaska, 2 miles to 200, the Pacific Northwest offers a trail race for everyone. Search over 800 runs for a new race, a new area, a new challenge, or find that familiar race that’s been around for 30 years.

Sort the data by clicking the top of the column or use the search field to look for a specific race.  Check race websites.
Not all races and dates are confirmed.  If you would like Northwest Dirt Churners to add or amend a race, please contact us.

Trail Race
Distance (miles)
Ascent (feet)
New Year's Day Hangover RunSalemOR1.86211/1/2020Run Wild Adventures
Wild Moose Chase 5kSpokaneWA3.110010/17/2021Negative Split
Wild Moose Chase 10kSpokaneWA6.240010/17/2021Negative Split
Wild Moose Chase 25kSpokaneWA15.545010/17/2021Negative Split
Pine River Ranch Backyard UltraLeavenworthWA4.1711/6/2021Pine River Ranch
Deschutes River HalfMaupinOR13.113381/1/2020X-Dog Events
Gulch Countdown (Last Person Standing)MukilteoWA2.22501/3/2021Abram Elwell and Adam Braddock
Absolution Run 4 mi.KenmoreWA45401/3/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Absolution Run 8 mi.KenmoreWA810801/3/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Newport Resolution Run Half MarathonNewportOR13.17501/4/2021Ardor Adventures
Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival 10 mi.KirklandWA10.47701/9/2021Seattle Running Clubhttp://
Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival 5 mi.KirklandWA5.23851/9/2021Seattle Running Clubhttp://
Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival 50kKirklandWA3123001/9/2021Seattle Running Clubhttp://
Perpetua FatAss 10kYachatsOR6.212001/9/2021Ardor Adventures
Perpetua FatAss 20kYachatsOR12.424001/9/2021Ardor Adventures
Perpetua FatAss 30kYachatsOR18.650001/9/2021Ardor Adventures
Perpetua FatAss 50kYachatsOR3162001/9/2021Ardor Adventures
Frosty Bottom MarathonAnchorageAK2612891/9/2021Chain Reaction Cycles
Newport Trail SeriesNewportOR31/12/2021Ardor Adventures
Capitol Peak Mega FatAss 25KOlympiaWA1723501/16/2021Oly Trails Running Club
Capitol Peak Mega FatAss 50KOlympiaWA3447001/16/2021Oly Trails Running Club
Wilson Creek Frozen 10 mi.MelbaID10.822001/16/2021Pickled Feet Ultras
Wilson Creek Frozen 20 mi.MelbaID20.349001/16/2021Pickled Feet Ultras
Wilson Creek Frozen 50KMelbaID31.171001/16/2021Pickled Feet Ultras
Orcas Island 25kOlgaWA15.544501/23/2021Rainshadow Running
Frost Eagle 1/2 MarathonSammamishWA13.111801/24/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Frost Eagle 5 mileSammamishWA54501/24/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Orcas Island 50kOlgaWA3184001/30/2021Rainshadow Running
Orcas Island 100OlgaWA100260002/5/2021Rainshadow Running
Interlaken Icicle Dash 10kSeattleWA6.210002/6/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Interlaken Icicle Dash 5kSeattleWA3.15002/6/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Bristow Trail Runs 10 mi.Pleasant HillOR10.41402/6/2021Level 32 Racing
Bristow Trail Runs 25kPleasant HillOR15.52052/6/2021Level 32 Racing
Bristow Trail Runs 5 mi.Pleasant HillOR5.2702/6/2021Level 32 Racing
Bristow Trail Runs 50kPleasant HillOR314102/6/2021Level 32 Racing
Run Forest Run 25kMontesanoWA15.524002/13/2021Oly Trails Running Club
Run Forest Run 50kMontesanoWA3148002/13/2021Oly Trails Running Club
Run Love Run 15kNewportOR9.612472/13/2021Ardor Adventures
Run Love Run 30kNewportOR19.235002/13/2021Ardor Adventures
Hagg Lake 50KGastonOR3140002/13/2021Oregon Road Runners Club
Little Su 50kBig LakeAK31Unknown2/13/2021Sustina 100
Sustina 100Big LakeAK100Unknown2/13/2021Sustina 100
Wooley Trail Runs 50kSedro-WooleyWA312002/14/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Wooley Trail Runs Half MarathonSedro-WooleyWA13.11002/14/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Wooley Trail Runs MarathonSedro-WooleyWA26.21752/14/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Hagg Lake 25KGastonOR15.520002/14/2021Oregon Road Runners Club
Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Run 1/2 MarathonCoupevilleWA13.127502/20/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Run MarathonCoupevilleWA26.255002/20/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Buck Mountain MudslingerSilvertonOR6.610002/20/2021Run Wild Adventures
Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Run 10kCoupevilleWA6.213002/21/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Run 5kCoupevilleWA3.16602/21/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Lord Hill 1/2 MarathonSnohomishWA13.124502/27/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Lord Hill 10kSnohomishWA6.215002/27/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Lord Hill 50kSnohomishWA3151002/27/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Lord Hill 5kSnohomishWA3.17502/27/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Race to the Cape 1/2 Marathon (postponed until 2021)TillamookOR13.123002/28/2021Bivouac Racing
Race to the Cape 1/4 Marathon (Postponed until 2021)TillamookOR6.512202/28/2021Bivouac Racing
Chena River to Ridge 26 miFairbanksAK2626002/28/2021Endurance North
Chena River to Ridge 55 miFairbanksAK5554002/28/2021Endurance North
Dupont Trail 1/2 MarathonDupontWA13.112003/6/2021Dupont Trail Marathon Association
Dupont Trail 12kDupontWA7.53003/6/2021Dupont Trail Marathon Association
Dupont Trail MarathonDupontWA26.224003/6/2021Dupont Trail Marathon Association
Kennedy Creek Chum Run 10kOlympiaWA6.23/6/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Kennedy Creek Chum Run 5kOlympiaWA3.13/6/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Kennedy Creek Chum Run Half MarathonOlympiaWA13.13/6/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Race up the Snake 11kRichlandWA6.713873/6/2021Runners of the Sage
Race up the Snake 4kRichlandWA2.46603/6/2021Runners of the Sage
Hit the Trail 5kTacomaWA3.11003/6/2021Tacoma Community College
Siuslaw Dunes 25kFlorenceOR15.513003/6/2021Daybreak Racing
Siuslaw Dunes 50kFlorenceOR3127503/6/2021Daybreak Racing
MastondonTumaloOR104803/6/2021Superfit Production Events
Les Bois 10k Trail RunBoiseID6.24003/6/2021City Of Trees Marathon Association Inc.
Dirty Duo 15kNorth VancouverBC9.320003/6/2021Forerunners North Shore
Dirty Duo 27kNorth VancouverBC16.739003/6/2021Forerunners North Shore
Dizzy Daze 12 hour and 5 hourSeattleWA3.2503/13/2021Matt Hagen and Betsy Rogers
Homer Epic 100kHomerAK62Unknown3/13/2021Homer Cycling Company
Homer Epic 50kHomerAK31Unknown3/13/2021Homer Cycling Company
Vantucky Fat AssWashougalWA11.123743/14/2021Vantucky Trail Runners
Alsea Falls Spring Fling 1/2 MarathonMonroeOR13.117753/14/2021Oregon Trail Runs
Alsea Falls Spring Fling 10KMonroeOR6.28793/14/2021Oregon Trail Runs
Alsea Falls Spring Fling 5KMonroeOR3.15003/14/2021Oregon Trail Runs
Lucky Clover 10kSpringfieldOR6.2203/17/2021Level 32 Racing
Lucky Clover 5kSpringfieldOR3.1103/17/2021Level 32 Racing
Pacific Rim One Day RunLongviewWA103/20/2021Confluence Racing
Dash Point 1/2 MarathonFederal WayWA13.121003/20/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Dash Point 10kFederal WayWA6.210003/20/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Chuckanut 50kBellinghamWA3155003/20/2021Krissy Moel
Tar N Trail Lithia Park 6 mileAshlandOR68003/20/2021Rogue Valley Runners
Vortex 10kEstacadaOR6.26003/20/2021Run Wild Adventures
Vortex Half MarathonEstacadaOR13.115003/20/2021Run Wild Adventures
Crazy Lazy Mountain RacePalmerAK730003/20/2021Crazy Lazy Mountain Race
Tanana River ChallengeFairbanksAK258213/20/2021Endurance North
Tanana River ChallengeFairbanksAK4518113/20/2021Endurance North
Bring on the Spring 5kSpringfieldOR3.11003/21/2021Level 32 Racing
McKenzie River HalfSpringfieldOR13.13003/21/2021Level 32 Racing
White Mountain 100FairbanksAK10073663/21/2021Endurance North
Badger Mountain Challenge 100 mi.RichlandWA100140003/26/2021Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington
Badger Mountain Challenge 50 mi.RichlandWA5070003/26/2021Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington
Badger Mountain Challenge 15KRichlandWA9.315003/27/2021Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington
Badger Mountain Challenge 55KRichlandWA3455003/27/2021Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington
Spring Run For Fun @ Redmond Watershed 1/2 MarathonRedmondWA13.111003/27/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Spring Run For Fun @ Redmond Watershed 10 mi.RedmondWA108403/27/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Spring Run For Fun @ Redmond Watershed 5 mi.RedmondWA54203/27/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Spring Run For Fun @ Redmond Watershed MarathonRedmondWA26.222003/27/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Owyhee Off-Road Challenge 1/2 MarathonAdrianOR13.113773/27/2021Adrian Sports Boosters
Owyhee Off-Road Challenge 10kAdrianOR6.27263/27/2021Adrian Sports Boosters
Owyhee Off-Road Challenge 5kAdrianOR3.13363/27/2021Adrian Sports Boosters
Ancient Lakes 50kQuincyWA3156004/3/2021Run Super Series
Shotgun Trail Blast 10 mi.MarcolaOR10.411324/3/2021Level 32 Racing
Shotgun Trail Blast 25KMarcolaOR15.416984/3/2021Level 32 Racing
Shotgun Trail Blast 5 mi.MarcolaOR5.25664/3/2021Level 32 Racing
Shotgun Trail Blast 50KMarcolaOR3133964/3/2021Level 32 Racing
Gorge Waterfalls 100K (Cancelled)Cascade LocksOR62120004/3/2021Rainshadow Running
Gorge Waterfalls 50K (Cancelled)Cascade LocksOR3160004/3/2021Rainshadow Running
Forest Park 10kJacksonvilleOR6.210004/3/2021Rogue Valley Race Group
Forest Park 5kJacksonvilleOR3.18004/3/2021Rogue Valley Race Group
Silver Falls Trail Challenge 1/2 MarathonSublimityOR13.110004/4/2021Bivouac Racing
Silver Falls Trail Challenge 1/4 MarathonSublimityOR6.55004/4/2021Bivouac Racing
Birds of Prey 1/2 MarathonN. BonnevilleWA13.12004/10/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Birds of Prey 5kN. BonnevilleWA3.1504/10/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Deception Pass HalfOak HarborWA13.129004/10/2021Destination Trail
Deception Pass MarathonOak HarborWA26.240004/10/2021Destination Trail
Cottontail 6 & 12 Hour RunSeattleWA1.934364/10/2021Endless Trails
Ancient Lakes 10kQuincyWA6.210824/10/2021Run Super Series
Ancient Lakes 25kQuincyWA15.528004/10/2021Run Super Series
Ancient Lakes 50kQuincyWA3145944/10/2021Run Super Series
Ancient Lakes 50 mi.QuincyWA5094004/10/2021Run Super Series
Walla Walla 6 HourWalla WallaWA53704/10/2021Walla Trails
Horse ButteBendOR107414/10/2021Superfit Production Events
Infinity UltraTygh ValleyOR3.104/10/2021X-Dog Events
Royal Roads 10kVictoriaBC6.210004/10/2021Frontrunners
Royal Roads 7kVictoriaBC4.23304/10/2021Frontrunners
Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 mi.SistersOR2020004/11/2021Sisters Cross Country
Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 mi.SistersOR4030004/11/2021Sisters Cross Country
Hansville 100HansvilleWA10065004/17/2021JC Straub
Hansville 50HansvilleWA5032504/17/2021JC Straub
Run with Goats 50kKennewickWA3142804/17/2021Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington
Manastash Ridge Trail Run 5kEllensburgWA3.13904/17/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Manastash Ridge Trail Run 7 mileEllensburgWA79004/17/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Manastash Ridge Trail Run Half MarathonEllensburgWA13.126504/17/2021Northwest Trail Runs
OAT Run 1/2 MarathonPort AngelesWA13.122634/17/2021Peninsula Adventure Sports
OAT Run 12kPort AngelesWA7.511624/17/2021Peninsula Adventure Sports
Yakima Skyline Rim 50KEllensburgWA31100004/17/2021Rainshadow Running
Banana Slug Backyard UltraSt. PaulOR4.21504/17/2021Carl Worth
Lost in the Sauce 10kSalemOR6.21004/17/2021Crusty Cap Footraces
Lost in the Sauce 30kSalemOR18.63004/17/2021Crusty Cap Footraces
Lost in the Sauce 50kSalemOR315004/17/2021Crusty Cap Footraces
Wood You RatherPortlandOR7.512004/17/2021Go Beyond Racing
Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge 12kMenanID718004/17/2021Butt in Gear Trail Running
Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge 25kMenanID15.536204/17/2021Butt in Gear Trail Running
Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge 50kMenanID3172404/17/2021Butt in Gear Trail Running
Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge 5kMenanID3.18004/17/2021Butt in Gear Trail Running
Five Peaks Alice Lakes 13kBrackendaleBC813004/17/20215 Peaks
Five Peaks Alice Lakes 8.5kBrackendaleBC5.38854/17/20215 Peaks
Yakima Skyline Rim 25KEllensburgWA15.550004/18/2021Rainshadow Running
Spokane River Run 10kSpokaneWA6.25094/18/2021Spokane River Run
Spokane River Run 25kSpokaneWA15.513504/18/2021Spokane River Run
Spokane River Run 25k ChallengeSpokaneWA15.519004/18/2021Spokane River Run
Spokane River Run 50kSpokaneWA3132504/18/2021Spokane River Run
Spokane River Run 5kSpokaneWA3.12744/18/2021Spokane River Run
Squak Mountain 1/2 MarathonIssaquahWA13.141004/24/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Squak Mountain 12kIssaquahWA7.426004/24/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Squak Mountain 50kIssaquahWA31106004/24/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Sunflower Trail 1/2 MarathonWinthropWA138304/24/2021Methow Trails
Sunflower Trail MarathonWinthropWA26.222004/24/2021Methow Trails
Capital Peak 25 mi.OlympiaWA2527304/24/2021Oly Trails Running Club
Capital Peak 50 mi.OlympiaWA5067004/24/2021Oly Trails Running Club
Liberty Lake Trail RunLiberty LakeWA8.613394/24/2021Trail Maniacs
Twilight 12 HourCle ElumWA2.64/24/2021Walla Trails
Willamette Mission Trail Challenge 10kSalemOR6.21004/24/2021Run Wild Adventures
Willamette Mission Trail Challenge 5kSalemOR3.11004/24/2021Run Wild Adventures
Weiser River Trail 50kCouncilID315004/24/2021Pulse Running and Fitness
Mt. Si 50 mileSnoqualmieWA5014004/25/2021Eastside Runners
Mt. Si 50kSnoqualmieWA3110004/25/2021Eastside Runners
Mt. Si Half MarathonSnoqualmieWA13.13534/25/2021Eastside Runners
Mt. Si MarathonSnoqualmieWA26.28434/25/2021Eastside Runners
Battle Point Endurance RunsBainbridge IslandWA1.25305/1/2021Run Super Series
Lost Lake 25KBellinghamWA15.534005/1/2021Skagit Ultra Runners
Lost Lake 50KBellinghamWA3180005/1/2021Skagit Ultra Runners
Tillamook Burn 50 mi.TillamookOR5087005/1/2021Daybreak Racing
Lost Creek 30KTrailOR18.623135/1/2021Southern Oregon Runners
Lost Creek 50KTrailOR3136005/1/2021Southern Oregon Runners
Lost Creek 5KTrailOR3.14405/1/2021Southern Oregon Runners
Cobble Hill 12kCobble HillBC7.521005/1/2021Frontrunners
Cobble Hill 20kCobble HillBC12.430005/1/2021Frontrunners
Tiger ClawIssaquahWA22820010/2/2021Ginger Runner
Lake Hills 50kBellevueWA314005/2/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Lake Hills 5kBellevueWA3.1405/2/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Teanaway Trail Run 1/2 MarathonCle ElumWA13.114105/2/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Teanaway Trail Run 10kCle ElumWA6.26755/2/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Teanaway Trail Run 5kCle ElumWA3.12805/2/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Teanaway Trail Run MarathonCle ElumWA26.228205/2/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Tillamook Burn 50KTillamookOR3170005/2/2021Daybreak Racing
ORRC Hagg Lake Trail RunGastonOR1410355/2/2021ORRC
Brasada Ranch - Black Diamond Trilogy 10 mi.Powell ButteOR10Unknown5/2/2021X-Dog Events
Brasada Ranch - Black Diamond Trilogy 5kPowell ButteOR3.1Unknown5/2/2021X-Dog Events
DURT 10 mi.BoiseID1014005/2/2021Danskin Ultra Run Trail
DURT 20 mi.BoiseID2033155/2/2021Danskin Ultra Run Trail
DURT 50kBoiseID3150005/2/2021Danskin Ultra Run Trail
Kal Park 25KVernonBC15.536305/2/2021Dirty Feet
Kal Park 50KVernonBC3172505/2/2021Dirty Feet
Woodland Park Zoom 10kSeattleWA6.24005/4/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Woodland Park Zoom 5kSeattleWA3.12005/4/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Portland Trail Series- SpringPortlandOR56005/5/2021Go Beyond Racing
Turnagain Arm Trail Race 4 mi.AnchorageAK410005/6/2021University of Alaska-Anchorage
Turnagain Arm Trail Race 8 mi.AnchorageAK819005/6/2021University of Alaska-Anchorage
Trillium Trail 10kBainbridge IslandWA6.28505/8/2021Bainbridge Island Parks
Trillium Trail 5kBainbridge IslandWA3.14005/8/2021Bainbridge Island Parks
Orcas Island 50 mileOlgaWA50.4105875/8/2021Destination Trail
Sun Mountain 50 mi.WinthropWA5075005/8/2021Rainshadow Running
Horse Lake 10 mi.WenatcheeWA1010005/8/2021Run Wenatchee
Horse Lake 25kWenatcheeWA15.521505/8/2021Run Wenatchee
Horse Lake 5 mi.WenatcheeWA58445/8/2021Run Wenatchee
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 10.8BellevueWA10.819005/8/2021Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 5.1 mi.BellevueWA5.15505/8/2021Seattle Running Club
McDonald Forest 50kCorvallisOR3168005/8/2021Anne Miller and Mike Rosling
Trillium Bloom Trail Runs 10kPortlandOR6.25905/8/2021Northwest Dirt Churners
Trillium Bloom Trail Runs Half MarathonPortlandOR13.117205/8/2021Northwest Dirt Churners
Spirit of Magic Valley Trail Run 10kTwin FallsID6.25005/8/2021Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee
Spirit of Magic Valley Trail Run 5kTwin FallsID3.11505/8/2021Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee
Spirit of Magic Valley Trail Run Half MarathonTwin FallsID13.17005/8/2021Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee
Over the Top 10 mi.PocatelloID15.520005/8/2021Pocatello Running Club
Over the Top 25kPocatelloID15.530005/8/2021Pocatello Running Club
Over the Top 3 mi.PocatelloID15.55005/8/2021Pocatello Running Club
Over the Top 5 mi.PocatelloID15.510005/8/2021Pocatello Running Club
Five Peaks Golden EarsMaple RidgeBC818045/8/20215 Peaks
Five Peaks Golden EarsMaple RidgeBC5.310635/8/20215 Peaks
Orcas Island 1/2 MarathonOlgaWA1439355/9/2021Destination Trail
Orcas Island MarathonOlgaWA26.559665/9/2021Destination Trail
SW Fire on the MountainHusumWA13.121005/15/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Tiger Mountain Trail Run 1/2 MarathonPrestonWA13.122305/15/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Tiger Mountain Trail Run 12kPrestonWA7.817805/15/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Tiger Mountain Trail Run 50kPrestonWA3159805/15/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Tiger Mountain Trail Run 5kPrestonWA3.15905/15/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Sun Mountain 50kWinthropWA3150005/15/2021Rainshadow Running
Sri Chinmoy 7 & 13 Hour Ultra Solo & Team Relay RaceSeattleWA1.521205/15/2021Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
Smith Rock Ascent 50KTerrebonneOR3141005/15/2021Go Beyond Racing
Mary's Peak 25KBlodgettOR16.320535/15/2021Oregon Trail Runs
Mary's Peak 50 mi.BlodgettOR50.394005/15/2021Oregon Trail Runs
Mary's Peak 50KBlodgettOR32.752005/15/2021Oregon Trail Runs
Sun Mountain 25kWinthropWA15.525005/16/2021Rainshadow Running
Smith Rock Ascent 15 mi.TerrebonneOR1530005/16/2021Go Beyond Racing
Pigtails Endurance 200 mileRentonWA200180005/20/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Pigtails Endurance 150 mileRentonWA150135005/21/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Pulse Endurance 100 Mile and 100 Mile RelayEagleID100Flat5/21/2021Pulse Running and Fitness
Pulse Endurance Runs 48/24/12/6 HourEagleID2.5Flat5/21/2021Pulse Running and Fitness
Soaring Eagle 1/2 MarathonSammamishWA13.112005/22/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Soaring Eagle 10kSammamishWA6.26005/22/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Soaring Eagle 5kSammamishWA3.13005/22/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Dirty Turtle 50kBremertonWA3151005/22/2021Evergreen Turtle Rockets
Pigtails Endurance 100 mileRentonWA10090005/22/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Pigtails Endurance 100kRentonWA6254005/22/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Wallace Falls Trail Run 22.4 miGold BarWA22.440005/22/2021Wander Bigger
Wallace Falls Trail Run 50KGold BarWA3157005/22/2021Wander Bigger
Stumptown Trail Runs 1/2 MarathonPortlandOR13.119205/22/2021Go Beyond Racing
Iron Knee 25kNorth VancouverBC15.531805/22/2021Forerunners North Shore
Quad Killer Vertical KilometerRichlandWA10/4/2021Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington
Tender Knee 13kNorth VancouverBC816505/22/2021Forerunners North Shore
Toghotthele Trail RunFairbanksAK6Unknown5/22/2021Running Club North
Pigtails Endurance 50kRentonWA3127005/23/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Wallace Falls Trail Run Half MarathonGold BarWA13.122005/23/2021Wander Bigger
Stumptown Trail Runs 50kPortlandOR3149155/24/2021Go Beyond Racing
Sasquatch 50kGaliceOR3158005/25/2021SOFA
Kal's Knoya Ridge Run 2.5kAnchorageAK1.5512005/27/2021University of Alaska-Anchorage
Kal's Knoya Ridge Run 5.6kAnchorageAK3.529005/27/2021University of Alaska-Anchorage
Kal's Knoya Ridge Run 9kAnchorageAK5.645005/27/2021University of Alaska-Anchorage
Happy Girls Run Bend 1/2 MarathonBendOR13.14505/29/2021Lay It Out Events
Happy Girls Run Bend 10kBendOR6.22105/29/2021Lay It Out Events
Happy Girls Run Bend 5kBendOR3.11605/29/2021Lay It Out Events
Ridgeline Ramble 10KEugeneOR6.211855/29/2021Level 32 Racing
Ridgeline Ramble 20KEugeneOR12.419535/29/2021Level 32 Racing
Spence Mountain 30kKlamath FallsOR18.625005/29/2021Linkville Lopers
Spence Mountain 4.5 milerKlamath FallsOR4.54505/29/2021Linkville Lopers
Spence Mountain 50kKlamath FallsOR3137005/29/2021Linkville Lopers
Roxy RumbleMedfordOR820005/29/2021Woodlands Running
Wild Horse Traverse 50k (postponed to 2022)KelownaBC3165005/29/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Run for Water Trail Run 10kAbbotsfordBC6.222305/29/2021Run for Water Society
Run for Water Trail Run 25kAbbotsfordBC15.549665/29/2021Run for Water Society
Run for Water Trail Run 50kAbbotsfordBC3199305/29/2021Run for Water Society
Mazama 10k Fun RunMazamaWA6.2Unknown5/30/2021Cascade Endurance
Mazama 5k Fun RunMazamaWA3.1Unknown5/30/2021Cascade Endurance
Mount Baker UltraConcreteWA55115005/30/2021Cascade Mountain Runners
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Ambleside Park 15KWest VancouverBC9.322736/3/2021MEC Vancouver
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Ambleside Park 50KWest VancouverBC3172176/3/2021MEC Vancouver
Scout Mountain Ultra 100 mi.PocatelloID100238006/4/2021Scout Mountain Ultras
Alaska Endurance Trail Run 6, 12, 24 hr.FairbanksAK64406/4/2021Alaska Endurance Trail Run
Fragrance Lake 10KBellinghamWA6.516856/5/2021Destination Trail
Fragrance Lake 50kBellinghamWA3170006/5/2021Destination Trail
Fragrance Lake HalfBellinghamWA13.633006/5/2021Destination Trail
Echo Sage 5kEchoOR3.19/25/2021Eastern Oregon Women for Agriculture
Echo Sage 10kEchoOR6.29/25/2021Eastern Oregon Women for Agriculture
Wild Kaiser Half MarathonOlympiaWA13.140006/5/2021Einmaleins
Wild Kaiser MarathonOlympiaWA26.280006/5/2021Einmaleins
Echo Valley 10kChelanWA6.212006/5/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Echo Valley 100kChelanWA6212006/5/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Echo Valley 50kChelanWA3112006/5/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Echo Valley Half MarathonChelanWA13.112006/5/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Red Devil Challenge 10kCashmereWA6.210006/5/2021Run Wenatchee
Red Devil Challenge 25kCashmereWA15.530006/5/2021Run Wenatchee
Red Devil Challenge 50kCashmereWA31Unknown6/5/2021Run Wenatchee
Vashon 10 mi.VashonWA107506/5/2021Vashon Ultramarathon
Vashon 50kVashonWA3123006/5/2021Vashon Ultramarathon
Mt. Ashland Hill ClimbAshlandOR13.355006/5/2021Ashland Woodlands & Trails Association
Timberline MarathonClackamas LakeOR26.27006/5/2021Cascadia Timing
Broken/Vista Trail MarathonBendOR26.230896/5/2021Oregon OUTside
Broken/Vista Trail Half MarathonBendOR13.113596/5/2021Oregon OUTside
Silver Falls Challenge 3.5 mileSilvertonOR3.58506/5/2021Silverton Running Club
Silver Falls Challenge 6 mileSilvertonOR612006/5/2021Silverton Running Club
Sharlie Shuffle 6 & 12 HourMcCallID4.56406/5/2021Endless Trails
Scout Mountain Ultra 21 mi.PocatelloID2154006/5/2021Scout Mountain Ultras
Scout Mountain Ultra 50 mi.PocatelloID50109006/5/2021Scout Mountain Ultras
Seven Summits MTB vs. Trail RunnersCoeur d'AleneID51.4139236/5/2021Trail Maniacs
Nanaimo 10kNanaimoBC6.28206/5/2021Frontrunners
Nanaimo 17kNanaimoBC10.513756/5/2021Frontrunners
Puddle Jumper Classic 25kRoberts CreekBC13.131006/5/2021Team Wolverine Athletics
Puddle Jumper Classic 50kRoberts CreekBC3169716/5/2021Team Wolverine Athletics
Whistler 30kWhistlerBC18.614436/5/2021Whistler Half Marathon
Government Peak ClimbHatcher PassAK335006/5/2021Mat-Su Ski Club
Glacier Peak Institute 12kDarringtonWA7.42006/6/2021Glacier Peak Institute
Timberline 1/2 MarathonClackamas LakeOR14.43506/6/2021Cascadia Timing
Run for the Hills 30kCorvallisOR18.633526/6/2021Heart of the Valley Runners
Run for the Hills 8kCorvallisOR57806/6/2021Heart of the Valley Runners
Farragut Trail Run 10kAtholID6.210436/6/2021Trail Maniacs
Farragut Trail Run 25kAtholID15.213886/6/2021Trail Maniacs
Masochism on Moose MountainFairbanksAK413006/8/2021Running Club North
Ravenna Run the Ravine 12kSeattleWA7.57906/8/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Ravenna Run the Ravine 4kSeattleWA2.52306/8/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Ravenna Run the Ravine 8kSeattleWA54606/8/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 14.5BellevueWA14.526506/12/2021Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 5kBellevueWA3.13506/12/2021Seattle Running Club
White Salmon Backyard 4 mi.White SalmonWA428496/12/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
White Salmon Backyard HalfWhite SalmonWA13.128496/12/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Emory Corwine Memorial Ruck RaceFrater LakeWA5078776/12/2021Kaniksu Ultras
Kaniksu 50 mileFrater LakeWA5078776/12/2021Kaniksu Ultras
Tall Trees 29kFrater LakeWA1833006/12/2021Kaniksu Ultras
Rattlesnake Ridge Run 1/2 MarathonNorth BendWA13.130006/12/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Rattlesnake Ridge Run 5 mi.North BendWA52006/12/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Millersylvania 10kOlympiaWA6.23006/12/2021Rainshadow Running
Millersylvania 30kOlympiaWA18.69006/12/2021Rainshadow Running
Millersylvania 50kOlympiaWA3115006/12/2021Rainshadow Running
Lumberjack Endurance Runs 100 mi.PoulsboWA100120006/12/2021Roots Rock Trail Running
Lumberjack Endurance Runs 100kPoulsboWA6275006/12/2021Roots Rock Trail Running
Lumberjack Endurance Runs 50 mi.PoulsboWA5060006/12/2021Roots Rock Trail Running
Wy'East Wonder 50 mi.ParkdaleOR5064006/12/2021Go Beyond Racing
East Glacier Trail TangleJuneauAK6.7Unknown6/12/2021Juneau Trail and Road Runners
Wickersham Dome Trail RunFairbanksAK8Unknown6/13/2021Running Club North
Wy'East Wonder 50kParkdaleOR3137006/13/2021Go Beyond Racing
Dirty HalfBendOR13.110096/13/2021FootZone Bend
Seek the Peak 13kVancouverBC846506/13/2021Grouse Mountain
Summer SolstAss 25kDoleWA15.550006/19/2021Bob Baker
Summer SolstAss 50kDoleWA31100006/19/2021Bob Baker
Wild Woman Trail 50KTrout LakeWA3119006/19/2021Trout Lake Running
Wild Woman Trail MarathonTrout LakeWA26.219006/19/2021Trout Lake Running
Old Cascadia 20 mi.Blue RiverOR20120006/19/2021Alpine Running
Old Cascadia 50 mi.Blue RiverOR50120006/19/2021Alpine Running
Elijah Bristow 12, 24 Hour RunEugeneOR1156/19/2021Go Beyond Racing
River of No Return (RONR) Endurance Runs 108kChallisID67170006/19/2021Paul Lind
River of No Return (RONR) Endurance Runs 29kChallisID17.535006/19/2021Paul Lind
River of No Return (RONR) Endurance Runs 53kChallisID3378006/19/2021Paul Lind
Five Peaks Mt. Seymore 6kNorth VancouverBC3.7Unknown6/19/20215 Peaks
Five Peaks Mt. Seymore 9kNorth VancouverBC5.6Unknown6/19/20215 Peaks
The North Face Dirty Feet – Beat The Buzzer – Last man or woman standing!KamloopsBC3.12206/19/2021Dirty Feet
Mount Roberts Tram RunFairbanksAK3.518006/19/2021Running Club North
Robert Spurr Memorial Hill Climb (Bird Ridge)IndianAK334006/20/2021Skinny Raven
St. Edward Solstice Sunset Run 4 mi.KenmoreWA46006/20/2021Northwest Trail Runs
St. Edward Solstice Sunset Run 8 mi.KenmoreWA812006/20/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Old Cascadia 50kBlue RiverOR3174006/20/2021Alpine Running
Sunshine Salutation 10 mi.RedmondWA108406/22/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Sunshine Salutation 5 mi.RedmondWA54206/22/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Buckin' Hell 30kNorth VancouverBC18.660006/24/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Buckin' Hell 50kNorth VancouverBC3186006/24/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Strawberry Fields Forever 100 mi.North BonnevilleWA10033006/26/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Strawberry Fields Forever 100kNorth BonnevilleWA6220006/26/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Strawberry Fields Forever 10kNorth BonnevilleWA6.22006/26/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Strawberry Fields Forever 50kNorth BonnevilleWA3110006/26/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Quartz Mountain 6 mileNachesWA612006/26/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Quartz Mountain Half MarathonNachesWA13.135606/26/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Quartz Mountain 19 mileNachesWA1952506/26/2021Northwest Trail Runs
HotFoot 5kPort OrchardWA3.1756/26/2021SKFR Volunteers
SISU 24 Ultra PNW 100 mi.EnumclawWA100250006/26/2021Team SISU
SISU 24 Ultra PNW 24 hourEnumclawWA3.5Unknown6/26/2021Team SISU
Britt Woods Firehouse RunJacksonvilleOR6.28506/26/2021Southern Oregon Runners
Pacific Crest Half Marathon TrailLong BeachWA136886/26/2021Why Racing
Tenderfoot Boogie 14kSquamishBC8.719006/26/2021Trail Whisperer
Tenderfoot Boogie 28kSquamishBC17.434006/26/2021Trail Whisperer
Tenderfoot Boogie 50 mi.SquamishBC5075006/26/2021Trail Whisperer
Tenderfoot Boogie 50kSquamishBC3150006/26/2021Trail Whisperer
Eaglecrest Road and Mountain RunJuneauAK9.525006/26/2021Juneau Trail and Road Runners
Race the Wolf 25kSandpointID15.544006/27/2021Ken Eldore and Mike Ehredt
Race the Wolf 52kSandpointID32.592006/27/2021Ken Eldore and Mike Ehredt
Race the Wolf 8kSandpointID56006/27/2021Ken Eldore and Mike Ehredt
Dirty Dog Half MarathonBoiseID13.117557/3/2021Pulse Running and Fitness
Dirty Dog MarathonBoiseID26.246957/3/2021Pulse Running and Fitness
Mt. Ashland HillclimbAshlandOR3.19007/3/2021Rogue Valley Race Group
Ultramook 30kTillamookOR18.637197/3/2021Ultimook
Ultramook 50kTillamookOR3164817/3/2021Ultimook
Anvil Mountain RunNomeAK10.511007/4/2021Leo Rasmussen
Ester Dome Ass KickerFairbanksAK7Unknown7/4/2021Running Club North
Run of the Valkyries 8kFairbanksAK5Unknown7/4/2021Running Club North
Carkeek Warmer 10kSeattleWA6.29607/6/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Carkeek Warmer 5kSeattleWA3.14807/6/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Mt MarathonSewardAK330007/7/2021Mt Marathon Race
Portland Trail Series- SummerPortlandOR56007/7/2021Go Beyond Racing
Salmon Run Trail SeriesSoldotnaAK3.1Unknown7/7/2021Kenai Watershed Forum
Devil's Gulch 120WenatcheeWA120257007/9/2021Banshee Running
Devil's Gulch 50WenatcheeWA50100007/10/2021Banshee Running
East Side or Die Trail HalfWenatcheeWA13.125007/10/2021Banshee Running
Grey Rock Trail Runs 12kYakimaWA7.724007/10/2021Hard Core Runners Club
Grey Rock Trail Runs 25kYakimaWA15.537007/10/2021Hard Core Runners Club
Grey Rock Trail Runs 50kYakimaWA3163007/10/2021Hard Core Runners Club
Needles 25kEastonWA1751007/10/2021Needles 50k
Needles 50kEastonWA32100007/10/2021Needles 50k
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 10.8 mi.BellevueWA10.819007/10/2021Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 19.5 mi.BellevueWA19.537007/10/2021Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 5kBellevueWA3.13507/10/2021Seattle Running Club
Mt. Hood 50 mi.Clackamas LakeOR5056307/10/2021Go Beyond Racing
Siskiyou Out Back 15kAshlandOR9.35507/10/2021Rogue Valley Runners
Siskiyou Out Back 50 mi.AshlandOR5083507/10/2021Rogue Valley Runners
Siskiyou Out Back 50kAshlandOR3144007/10/2021Rogue Valley Runners
Twilight Scramble 5kMt. HoodOR3.1Unknown7/10/2021X-Dog Events
Beaverhead 100kSalmonID62127007/10/2021David Tarkelson
Beaverhead 55kSalmonID3459007/10/2021David Tarkelson
Knee Knackering North Shore Trail RunWest VancouverBC30160007/10/2021Northshore Ultra Trailrunning Society
Mt Roberts Tram RunJuneauAK3.518007/10/2021Juneau Trail and Road Runners
Drew's Angel Creek 50FairbanksAK50126007/10/2021Running Club North
Drew's Angel Creek 50kFairbanksAK3158267/10/2021Running Club North
Bigfoot 40 mileCougarWA4073007/10/2021Destination Trail
Bigfoot 73CougarWA73131657/10/2021Destination Trail
Ladysmith - Transfer Beach 19kLadysmithBC11.816507/11/2021Frontrunners
Ladysmith - Transfer Beach 9kLadysmithBC5.68007/11/2021Frontrunners
Hells Bells UltraYacoltWA42100007/11/2021Bivouac Racing
Mt. Hood 25KClackamas LakeOR15.522007/11/2021Go Beyond Racing
Mt. Hood 50KClackamas LakeOR3127237/11/2021Go Beyond Racing
Mt. Hood ScrambleMt. HoodOR64007/11/2021X-Dog Events
Five Peaks Cypress Mountain 11kWest VancouverBC6.815507/11/20215 Peaks
Five Peaks Cypress Mountain 8kWest VancouverBC511007/11/20215 Peaks
Bigfoot 20 mileCougarWA2040007/11/2021Destination Trail
Palisades Ultra Trail Series Moose 100 mi.IrwinID102220007/16/2021Drew Brazier and Jeremy Smith
Broken Goat 12kRosslandBC7.524007/16/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Washington Yeti 100 mile Endurance RunNorth BendWA10045007/16/2021Yeti Trail Runners
Washington Yeti 100kNorth BendWA6240007/16/2021Yeti Trail Runners
Kill Bill's Oyster Challenge 25kBowWA15.535007/17/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Kill Bill's Oyster Challenge 50kBowWA3170007/17/2021Northwest Endurance Events
July Trail Run 5kVernonBC3.1Unknown7/17/2021Dirty Feet
July Trail Run 10kVernonBC6.2Unknown7/17/2021Dirty Feet
Backcountry Rise 50 mileToutleWA50118007/17/2021Daybreak Racing
Backcountry Rise 50kToutleWA3180007/17/2021Daybreak Racing
Crazy Person Trail Race 12kDupontWA7.53007/17/2021Dupont Trail Marathon Association
Crazy Person Trail Race 5kDupontWA3.11507/17/2021Dupont Trail Marathon Association
Crazy Person Trail Race Half MarathonDupontWA13.18007/17/2021Dupont Trail Marathon Association
Mt. Spokane Verticle Challenge 10kSpokaneWA6.713137/17/2021Trail Maniacs
Mt. Spokane Verticle Challenge 25kSpokaneWA16.746217/17/2021Trail Maniacs
Mt. Spokane Verticle Challenge 50kSpokaneWA31.479577/17/2021Trail Maniacs
Palisades Ultra Trail Series Big Elk 1/2 MarathonIrwinID13.115007/17/2021Drew Brazier and Jeremy Smith
Palisades Ultra Trail Series Big Elk 50kIrwinID3170007/17/2021Drew Brazier and Jeremy Smith
Palisades Ultra Trail Series Grizzly 50 mi.IrwinID51100007/17/2021Drew Brazier and Jeremy Smith
McCall Trailrunning Classic 10 mi.McCallID1024817/17/2021Jeremy Humphrey
McCall Trailrunning Classic 20 mi.McCallID2052007/17/2021Jeremy Humphrey
McCall Trailrunning Classic 40 mi.McCallID40100007/17/2021Jeremy Humphrey
Broken Goat 50kRosslandBC3175007/17/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Alpine Adventure RunSitkaAK720007/17/2021Christine Marie Horan
Whidbey Woods Running Festival 1/2 MarathonLangleyWA13.16507/17/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Whidbey Woods Running Festival 10kLangleyWA6.22907/17/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Whidbey Woods Running Festival 5kLangleyWA3.11907/17/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Whidbey Woods Running Festival MarathonLangleyWA26.213007/17/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Hagg Lake Endurance Festival 1/2 MarathonGastonOR13.111007/18/2021Why Racing
Hagg Lake Endurance Festival 5KGastonOR3.14007/18/2021Why Racing
Backcountry Rise 20 mi.ToutleWA2048007/18/2021Daybreak Racing
Broken Goat 25kRosslandBC15.533007/18/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Gold Discovery RunFairbanksAK16.316487/18/2021Running Club North
Seward Sizzler 10kSeattleWA6.24007/20/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Seward Sizzler 4.2 mi.SeattleWA4.22807/20/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Crow Pass CrossingAnchorageAK22.559597/24/2021Healthy Futures
White River 50 mi.Crystal MountainWA5087007/24/2021Rainshadow Running
Hoodoo Challenge: Run to the top 1/2 MarathonSistersOR13.119207/24/2021Sisters Kiwanis
Hoodoo Challenge: Run to the top 5kSistersOR3.1Unknown7/24/2021Sisters Kiwanis
Standhope 30kKetchumID17.452507/24/2021Ben Blessing
Standhope 60kKetchumID37.8105007/24/2021Ben Blessing
Manning Park 10kManning ParkBC6.213107/24/2021Fraser Valley Trail Races
Manning Park 21kManning ParkBC1340507/24/2021Fraser Valley Trail Races
Idaho Peak 10kNew DenverBC6.21407/24/2021Kootenay Sufferfest
Idaho Peak Ultra Trail MarathonNew DenverBC2872007/24/2021Kootenay Sufferfest
Chena Hot Springs Run & SoakFairbanksAK8.5Unknown7/24/2021Running Club North
Jog for the Bog 10kDeltaBC6.22007/25/2021Burns Bog Conservation Society
Jog for the Bog 5kDeltaBC3.1607/25/2021Burns Bog Conservation Society
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race , Rose Park 10KSquamishBC6.213457/25/2021MEC N. Vancouver
Leavenworth 100 mileWenatcheeWA1007/26/2021Destination Trail
Leavenworth 50kWenatcheeWA317/26/2021Destination Trail
Resurrection Pass 100 mi.Cooper LandingAK9490207/30/2021Resurrection Pass Ultra Races
Resurrection Pass 50 mi.Cooper LandingAK47.947567/31/2021Resurrection Pass Ultra Races
Tiger Peak Challenge 1/2 MarathonIssaquahWA13.132007/31/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Tiger Peak Challenge 5 mi.IssaquahWA58007/31/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Tiger Peak Challenge 50kIssaquahWA3193007/31/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Elkhorn Crest 50kSumpterOR3157007/31/2021Alpine Running
Elkhorn Crest 53 mi.SumpterOR53110007/31/2021Alpine Running
Wy'east Howl 100kParkdaleOR62.6111007/31/2021Daybreak Racing
Wy'east Howl 50kParkdaleOR3165007/31/2021Daybreak Racing
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Rose Park 5KSquamishBC3.17547/31/2021MEC N. Vancouver
Cirque Series AlyeskaAlyeskaAK5.938907/31/2021Cirque Series
Little Backyard Adventure Home RunOlympiaWA1812507/31/2021Rock Candy Running
Little Backyard Adventure SingleOlympiaWA3.62507/31/2021Rock Candy Running
Little Backyard Adventure TripleOlympiaWA117507/31/2021Rock Candy Running
Yukon River Trail Half MarathonWhitehorseYT13.1122508/1/2021Yukon River Trail Marathon
Yukon River Trail MarathonWhitehorseYT26.225008/1/2021Yukon River Trail Marathon
Paradise Valley Trail Run 1/2 MarathonWoodinvilleWA13.111608/1/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Paradise Valley Trail Run 10kWoodinvilleWA6.25808/1/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Paradise Valley Trail Run 5kWoodinvilleWA3.12658/1/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Wy'East Howl Half MarathonParkdaleOR13.126008/1/2021Daybreak Racing
Summer Eddy 4 mi.KenmoreWA45408/3/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Summer Eddy 8 mi.KenmoreWA810808/3/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Portland Spartan Trail 10k Night RunWashougalWA6.2Unknown8/6/2021Spartan Trail
Fat Dog 120Manning ParkBC120284508/6/2021Mountain Madness
Dark Divide 100RandleWA100260008/6/2021Wonderland Running
Suncadia 5kCle ElumWA3.14008/7/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Suncadia HalfCle ElumWA13.111008/7/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Volcanic 25kCougarWA1532008/7/2021Go Beyond Racing
Volcanic 50CougarWA32.374008/7/2021Go Beyond Racing
Beacon Rock 25kNorth BonnevilleWA15.537508/7/2021Rainshadow Running
Beast of Big Creek Summit RaceHoodsportWA13.551008/7/2021Shelton Runners
Beast of Big Creek 7 mileHoodsportWA722008/7/2021Shelton Runners
Haulin' Aspen 1/2 MarathonBendOR13.18898/7/2021Lay It Out Events
Haulin' Aspen Half-AsBendOR6.53698/7/2021Lay It Out Events
Haulin' Aspen MarathonBendOR26.221378/7/2021Lay It Out Events
Outlaw Trail Run 1/2 MarathonTwin FallsID14.517208/7/2021David Tarkelson
Mt. Washington 14kStrathcona CBC8.726908/7/2021Frontrunners
Mt. Washington 8kStrathcona CBC516408/7/2021Frontrunners
Fat Dog 40Manning ParkBC4086008/7/2021Mountain Madness
Fat Dog 50Manning ParkBC50105008/7/2021Mountain Madness
Fat Dog 70Manning ParkBC70120008/7/2021Mountain Madness
Dark Divide 17 milerRandleWA17Unknown8/7/2021Wonderland Running
Dark Divide 50RandleWA50Unknown8/7/2021Wonderland Running
Granite Tors Trail RunFairbanksAK15Unknown8/7/2021Running Club North
Bend Trail Series- SummerBendOR55008/12/2021Go Beyond Racing
Bigfoot 200 mileCougarWA206.5960008/13/2021Destination Trail
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 14.5 mi.BellevueWA14.526508/14/2021Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 5kBellevueWA3.13508/14/2021Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series MarathonBellevueWA26.246508/14/2021Seattle Running Club
Angry Owl 6, 12 and 24 hourSalemOR1108/14/2021Crusty Cap Footraces
Resort to Rock 10 mi.BoiseID1016348/14/2021Pulse Running and Fitness
Resort to Rock 32kBoiseID19.838248/14/2021Pulse Running and Fitness
Resort to Rock 50kBoiseID3172278/14/2021Pulse Running and Fitness
Nifty Fifty 50kJuneauAK3160008/14/2021Juneau Trail and Road Runners
Glacier Peak Institute 12kDarringtonWA7.42008/15/2021Glacier Peak Institute
Glacier Peak Institute Half MarathonDarringtonWA13.116798/15/2021Glacier Peak Institute
Gnar GnarGovernment CampOR625008/15/2021Go Beyond Racing
The Original Tillamook BurnPacific CityOR5Unknown8/15/2021X-Dog Events
Interlaken Ice Cream Dash 10kSeattleWA6.210008/17/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Interlaken Ice Cream Dash 5kSeattleWA3.15008/17/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Summer Blast @ Redmond Watershed 1/2 MarathonRedmondWA13.111008/21/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Summer Blast @ Redmond Watershed 10 mi.RedmondWA108408/21/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Summer Blast @ Redmond Watershed 5 mi.RedmondWA54208/21/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Summer Blast @ Redmond Watershed MarathonRedmondWA26.222008/21/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Post Canyon 1/2 MarathonHood RiverOR13.123008/21/2021Heather Pola
Post Canyon 50KHood RiverOR3155008/21/2021Heather Pola
Harriman Trail Run 25kIsland ParkID15.58508/21/2021Buffalo Run Adventures
Harriman Trail Run 50kIsland ParkID3117008/21/2021Buffalo Run Adventures
Waldo 100kOakridgeOR62110008/21/2021Rainshadow Running
Deer Mountain ChallengeKetchikanAK330018/21/2021Ketchikan Running and Walking Club
Kesugi Ridge Half TraverseTrapper CreekAK14.240008/21/2021Willow Running Company
Kesugi Ridge TraverseTrapper CreekAK3062008/21/2021Willow Running Company
Musk Ox Farm Running with the Bulls 5kPalmerAK3.1Unknown8/22/2021Running Club North
Sun Peaks 10kSun PeaksBC6.29908/22/2021Dirty Feet
Sun Peaks 5kSun PeaksBC3.16608/22/2021Dirty Feet
Lost Lake RunSewardAK15.523008/28/2021Lost Lake Run, Inc
Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance RunEastonWA102222508/28/2021Cascade Crest
Oregon Cascades 100SistersOR10095008/28/2021Alpine Running
NUT 17 miGlideOR1735008/28/2021Go Beyond Racing
NUT 50kGlideOR3158008/28/2021Go Beyond Racing
Five Peaks Whistler Blackcomb 10.6kWhistlerBC6.621208/28/20215 Peaks
Five Peaks Whistler Blackcomb 6.6kWhistlerBC4.111808/28/20215 Peaks
Drifter 25kKamloopsBC15.516008/28/2021Dirty Feet
Heartbreak 50kKamloopsBC3132008/28/2021Dirty Feet
Mt. Cheam Ultra 55kChilliwackBC34.2100008/28/2021Fraser Valley Trail Races
Mt. Cheam Ultra 6kChilliwackBC3.78008/28/2021Fraser Valley Trail Races
Portland Trail Series- FallPortlandOR56009/1/2021Go Beyond Racing
Orcas Island 200OlgaWA2004400011/2/2021Destination Trail
Three Corner Rock PCT 50KCarsonWA3147009/4/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Jump Off Joe Half MarathonKennewickWA13.1127279/4/2021Nomad Trail Runners
Jump Off Joe MarathonKennewickWA26.232829/4/2021Nomad Trail Runners
Hardesty Hardcore Trail Run 14 mi.OakridgeOR1410009/4/2021Level 32 Racing
Hardesty Hardcore Trail Run 5 mi.OakridgeOR5.5Unknown9/4/2021Level 32 Racing
Moore Mountain 1/2 MarathonKlamath FallsOR13.116009/5/2021Linkville Lopers
Moore Mountain 30KKlamath FallsOR18.621799/5/2021Linkville Lopers
Moore Mountain 5KKlamath FallsOR3.12419/5/2021Linkville Lopers
Sunset Bay Trail Runs 15kCharlestonOR9.311009/5/2021South Coast Running Club
Sunset Bay Trail Runs 4 mi.CharlestonOR45009/5/2021South Coast Running Club
Sunset Bay Trail Runs Half MarathonCharlestonOR13.117009/5/2021South Coast Running Club
McCarthy 5 mile RunMcCarthyAK5Unknown9/5/2021Wrangell Mountain Center
McCarthy Half Marathon RunMcCarthyAK13.1Unknown9/5/2021Wrangell Mountain Center
Moscow Mountain Madness 1/2 MarathonMoscowID13.720679/12/2021Palouse Road Runners
Moscow Mountain Madness 5 mileMoscowID5.249709/12/2021Palouse Road Runners
Moscow Mountain Madness 50kMoscowID32.455009/12/2021Palouse Road Runners
Walk in the Park 14KKamloopsBC8.813509/5/2021WITP
Walk in the Park 25KKamloopsBC16.261009/5/2021WITP
Walk in the Park 50KKamloopsBC32.561009/5/2021WITP
Anvil Mountain 59 Minute 37 Second ChallengeNomeAK10.511009/9/2021Leo Rasmussen
Bun to Bun Runs 25kTalkeetnaAK15.5Unknown9/18/2021Talkeetna PTA
Finlayson Arm 100kVictoriaBC62201259/10/2021Coastline Endurance Running
Teanaway Country 100Salmon La SacWA10028,0009/11/2021Brian Morrison
Olympic Mountains 50 mileQuilceneWA50143209/11/2021Everlong Endurance
Olympic Mountains 50kQuilceneWA31.788739/11/2021Everlong Endurance
Cutthroat ClassicMazamaWA10.644809/11/2021Methow Trails
Middle Fork 10kNorth BendWA6.28109/11/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Middle Fork Half MarathonNorth BendWA13.121509/11/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Middle Fork 22 milesNorth BendWA2229609/11/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Middle Fork 50kNorth BendWA3137709/11/2021Northwest Trail Runs
GOAT Run 1/2 MarathonPort AngelesWA13.115289/11/2021Peninsula Adventure Sports
GOAT Run 50kPort AngelesWA3137009/11/2021Peninsula Adventure Sports
GOAT Run MarathonPort AngelesWA26.235199/11/2021Peninsula Adventure Sports
Seattle North Trail 10k Night RunSnohomishWA6.2Unknown9/11/2021Spartan Trail
Twisted Pine 5 mi.NewportOR53009/18/2021Ardor Adventures
Twisted Pine 1/2 MarathonNewportOR13.16009/18/2021Ardor Adventures
McKenzie River Trail Run 50KBlue RiverOR3124509/11/2021Coburg Hills Running LLC
Pine 2 Palm 100 milerWilliamsOR100204339/11/2021Rogue Valley Runners
IMTUF 100McCallID100177009/11/2021Jeremy Humphrey
Motherstubber Gnarly Trail Run 10kTwin FallsID6.24009/11/2021Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee
Motherstubber Gnarly Trail Run 20kTwin FallsID12.46009/11/2021Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee
Motherstubber Gnarly Trail Run 5kTwin FallsID3.13009/11/2021Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee
Smokechaser Trail Run 30kPriest LakeID18.652299/11/2021Priest Lake Multisport
Smokechaser Trail Run 5 milePriest LakeID524589/11/2021Priest Lake Multisport
Finlayson Arm 50kVictoriaBC31100759/11/2021Coastline Endurance Running
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Inter River Park 10kN. VancouverBC6.212309/11/2021MEC Vancouver
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Inter River Park 5kN. VancouverBC6.24759/11/2021MEC Vancouver
Brigade 19 mi.TulameenBC1942809/11/2021Mountain Madness
Brigade 50 mi.TulameenBC50103509/11/2021Mountain Madness
Alyeska ClimbathonGirdwoodAK2.220009/11/2021Let Every Woman Know - Alaska
Timberjack 30kBendOR9/11/2021Running Lane
Timberjack 100kBendOR9/11/2021Running Lane
Legend of Bear Pete 30kMcCallID18.635009/12/2021Jeremy Humphrey
Finlayson Arm 28kVictoriaBC3144009/12/2021Coastline Endurance Running
Lucky 7s!KamloopsBC249/26/2021Dirty Feet
Crazy Owl 72, 48, 24 hourDupontWA2.25659/16/2021Dupont Trail Marathon Association
Frosty Mountain 13kManning ParkBC811809/16/2021Trail Whisperer
Frosty Mountain Ultra 27kManning ParkBC16.641009/16/2021Trail Whisperer
Frosty Mountain Ultra 50kManning ParkBC3173609/16/2021Trail Whisperer
Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night SeriesAnchorageAK6.2Unknown9/14/2021Munincipality of Anchorage
RUNmatsu Thursday Night Run SeriesPalmerAK5Unknown9/16/2021Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers
Whistler Alpine Meadows Triple WammyWhistlerBC53156009/24/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Dupont Endurance Challenge 24, 48, 72 hourDupontWA2.51859/18/2021Dupont Trail Marathon Association
Lake Sylvia 1/2 MarathonMontesanoWA13.1Unknown9/18/2021Friends of Mt. Lake Sylvia
Lake Sylvia 10kMontesanoWA6.2Unknown9/18/2021Friends of Mt. Lake Sylvia
Lake Sylvia 5kMontesanoWA3.1Unknown9/18/2021Friends of Mt. Lake Sylvia
Sole SurvivorRichlandWA4309/18/2021Nomad Trail Runners
Plain 100PlainWA100210009/18/2021Plain Endurance Runs
Plain 100kPlainWA62140009/18/2021Plain Endurance Runs
Kalapuya CrestCrescentOR5068009/18/2021Daybreak Racing
Mountain Lakes 100Olallie LakeOR100108009/18/2021Go Beyond Racing
Flagline 50KBendOR3140009/18/2021Superfit Production Events
Freaky Creeky 100kVernonBC62204749/18/2021Bush Babes and Bros
Freaky Creeky 10kVernonBC6.217069/18/2021Bush Babes and Bros
Freaky Creeky 25kVernonBC15.558939/18/2021Bush Babes and Bros
Freaky Creeky 50kVernonBC31102379/18/2021Bush Babes and Bros
Whistler Alpine Meadows 90kWhistlerBC56164009/26/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Whistler Alpine Meadows 50kWhistlerBC31125009/25/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Whistler Alpine Meadows 25kWhistlerBC15.524009/26/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Whistler Alpine Meadows AscentWhistlerBC3.540009/24/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Equinox MarathonFairbanksAK26.256009/18/2021Running Club North
Lake of the Woods 5kKlamath FallsOR3.1Unknown9/19/2021Rogue Valley Race Group
Lake of the Woods Half MarathonKlamath FallsOR13.18629/19/2021Rogue Valley Race Group
Lake of the Woods MarathonKlamath FallsOR26.221239/19/2021Rogue Valley Race Group
Oakridge Triple Summit Challenge- Dead Mountain AscentOakridgeOR13.126509/24/2021Elevated Trail Racing
Friend of Mt. Tabor Park Tar 'n Trail 10KPortlandOR6.285510/3/2021Friends of Mt. Tabor Park
Friend of Mt. Tabor Park Tar 'n Trail 5KPortlandOR3.140010/3/2021Friends of Mt. Tabor Park
Rock Candy Mountain Run 10kOlympiaWA6.220009/25/2021Einmaleins Events
Rock Candy Mountain Run 30kOlympiaWA18.360009/25/2021Einmaleins Events
Rock Candy Mountain Run 50kOlympiaWA31100009/25/2021Einmaleins Events
Mt. Si Hill ClimbNorth BendWA13.140009/25/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Cascade Super Ultra 50 mi.South Cle ElumWA506009/25/2021Run Super Series
Cascade Super Ultra 50kSouth Cle ElumWA3109/25/2021Run Super Series
Cascade Super Ultra MarathonSouth Cle ElumWA26.209/25/2021Run Super Series
Fat Glass 50KBellvueWA31.2Unknown9/25/2021Seattle Running Club
Hamster 6, 12, 24 and 32 hour Endurance RunsBellinghamWA2.62448/14/2021Walla Trails
Whistler Canyon 10 miOrovilleWA9.626009/25/2021Zach Szablewski
Whistler Canyon 50 miOrovilleWA50.382609/25/2021Zach Szablewski
Oakridge Triple Summit Challenge- Alpine AscentOakridgeOR12.427009/25/2021Elevated Trail Racing
Bigfoot 1/2 MarathonMolallaOR13.121009/25/2021Molalla Running Club
Bigfoot 10kMolallaOR6.214009/25/2021Molalla Running Club
Bigfoot 5kMolallaOR3.17009/25/2021Molalla Running Club
Priest Lake 1/2 MarathonPriest LakeID13.18009/25/2021Priest Lake Multsport
Priest Lake 50kPriest LakeID3121009/25/2021Priest Lake Multsport
Priest Lake MarathonPriest LakeID26.217769/25/2021Priest Lake Multsport
Shuswap Ultra 10kSalmon ArmBC6.26209/25/2021Kara Leinweber
Shuswap Ultra 20kSalmon ArmBC12.419199/25/2021Kara Leinweber
Shuswap Ultra 60kSalmon ArmBC3761359/25/2021Kara Leinweber
Nimble Bear 10kKelownaBC6.214209/25/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Nimble Bear 25kKelownaBC15.536909/25/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Nimble Bear 50KKelownaBC3173809/25/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Devil's Gulch 36 milerWenatcheeWA3675009/25/2021Banshee Running
Devil's Gulch HalfWenatcheeWA13.125009/25/2021Banshee Running
Oxbow Trail Run Half MarathonGreshamOR13.117509/26/2021Northwest Dirt Churners
Oxbow Trail Run 10kGreshamOR6.28539/26/2021Northwest Dirt Churners
Oxbow Trail Run 5kGreshamOR3.13429/26/2021Northwest Dirt Churners
Tarturus Backyard UltraSpokaneWA4.21009/26/2021Kaniksu Ultras
Oakridge Triple Summit Challenge- Larison Rock AscentOakridgeOR1126009/26/2021Elevated Trail Racing
Storm the Castle Half MarathonBlue RiverOR13.1320011/27/2021Elevated Trail Racing
WHEE Run 11 mi.OakridgeOR11140010/1/2021Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events
Farmer Frog Trail Running Festival at Paradise Farm 5kWoodinvilleWA3.1Unknown10/2/2021Shoes-N-Feet
Farmer Frog Trail Running Festival at Paradise Farm Half MarathonWoodinvilleWA13.1Unknown10/2/2021Shoes-N-Feet
Three Sisters Skyline Half MarathonSistersOR13.150010/2/2021Alpine Running
Elk-Kings MarathonTillamookOR27.5800010/2/2021Go Beyond Racing
Elk-Kings Traverse 25KTillamookOR15.5580010/2/2021Go Beyond Racing
DRT11BendOR1136110/2/2021Lark Running
Secret Beach 100kGold BeachOR62665010/2/2021Rainshadow Running
Secret Beach 50 mileGold BeachOR50500010/2/2021Rainshadow Running
WHEE Run 22 mi.OakridgeOR22280010/2/2021Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events
WHEE Run 33 mi.OakridgeOR33550010/2/2021Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events
Bear Mountain 12kMissionBC7.4164010/2/2021Fraser Valley Trail Races
Bear Mountain 21kMissionBC13303410/2/2021Fraser Valley Trail Races
Bear Mountain 8kMissionBC5110210/2/2021Fraser Valley Trail Races
Mountain Rescue Challenge EdluBenaEkluntaAK3Unknown10/2/2021Alaska Mountain Rescue Group
Mountain Rescue Challenge Twin PeaksEkluntaAK3200010/2/2021Alaska Mountain Rescue Group
Girdwood Trail MarathonGirdwoodAK24.7Unknown10/2/2021Alaska Mountain Runners
Matanuska Peak ChallengePalmerAK14910010/2/2021Alaska Mountain Runners
Bend Bigfoot 10kBendOR6.21010/3/2021Central Oregon Running Klub
Baker Lake Classic 25kConcreteWA15.6200010/3/2021Northwest Endurance Runs
Three Sisters Skyline 50kSistersOR31290010/3/2021Alpine Running
Elk-Kings 50KTillamookOR31650010/3/2021Go Beyond Racing
Condor 25KCorvallisOR15.5270010/3/2021Tia Gabalita and Jan & John Liebeskind
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Big White Ultra 12kBig WhiteBC7.45210010/3/2021MEC Kelwona
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Big White Ultra 20kBig WhiteBC12.4360010/3/2021MEC Kelwona
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Big White Ultra 50kBig WhiteBC31715010/3/2021MEC Kelwona
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Big White Ultra 6kBig WhiteBC3.73125010/3/2021MEC Kelwona
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Pacific Spirit Park 5KVancouverBC3.163910/3/2021MEC Vancouver
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Pacific Spirit Park 9KVancouverBC5.4111810/3/2021MEC Vancouver
It Ain't Easy Hill RunFairbanksAK11Unknown10/3/2021Running Club North
Whistler Half MarathonWhistlerBC13.182010/9/2021Whistler Half Marathon
Fidalgo Trail Run 5 mi.Oak HarborWA5130010/9/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Fidalgo Trail Run Half MarathonOak HarborWA13.1330010/9/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Fidalgo Trail Run MarathonOak HarborWA26.2660010/9/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Lake Padden Trail 5kBellinghamWA3.125010/9/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Lake Padden Trail Half MarathonBellinghamWA13.1180010/9/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Golden 6 HourCle ElumWA2.4510/9/2021Walla Trails
Latest Not FastestBendOR5.430010/9/2021Go Beyond Racing
Oregon Coast 20 mileYachatsOR20380010/9/2021Rainshadow Running
Oregon Coast 50KYachatsOR31450010/9/2021Rainshadow Running
Wandering Moose 12KKelownaBC7.5150010/9/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Wandering Moose 20KKelownaBC12.4250010/9/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Wandering Moose 42KKelownaBC26.2460010/9/2021PACE Sports Fitness
Hit the Trails 5kAnchorageAK3.1Unknown10/9/2021Trailside PTA
Whistler 10kWhistlerBC6.244210/10/2021Whistler Half Marathon
Whistler 5kWhistlerBC3.119610/10/2021Whistler Half Marathon
Run Ridge Run 13kPort MoodyBC8200010/10/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Run Ridge Run 25kPort MoodyBC15.5450010/10/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Miller Woods Race to Give a Little 10kMcMinnvilleOR6.295010/14/2021Yamhill Soil & Water Conservation District
Squamish 50 mi.SquamishBC501100010/16/2021Coast Mountain Trail Trail Series
Oktoberfest Trail Runs 10 mi.LeavenworthWA10258010/16/2021Run Wenatchee
Oktoberfest Trail Runs 5 mi.LeavenworthWA560010/16/2021Run Wenatchee
Osprey Ambler Endurance RunSultanWA14110/2/2021Wander Bigger Running
Rogue Gorge 50kProspectOR31250010/16/2021Daybreak Racing
Deschutes River 25kBendOR15.5130010/16/2021Everlong Endurance
Deschutes River 50kBendOR31380010/16/2021Everlong Endurance
Hell of the Northwest 1/2 MarathonAlsea FallsOR13.1177510/16/2021Oregon Trail Runs
Hell of the Northwest 10KAlsea FallsOR6.2103910/16/2021Oregon Trail Runs
Hell of the Northwest 5KAlsea FallsOR3.1Unknown10/16/2021Oregon Trail Runs
Storm King Trail 10KBendOR6.250010/16/2021Superfit Production Events
Storm King Trail HalfBendOR13.1130010/16/2021Superfit Production Events
Valley Vert Killer 20kAbbotsfordBC12.4360010/16/2021Abbotsford Trail Running Club
Valley Vert Killer 30kAbbotsfordBC18.6558010/16/2021Abbotsford Trail Running Club
Around the Lake Give ‘R Take 30 Trail RaceChilliwackBC18.6490010/16/2021Around the Lake Trail Race Society
Around the Lake Give ‘R Take 60 Trail RaceChilliwackBC37.2980010/16/2021Around the Lake Trail Race Society
Whistler 50 Relay and UltraWhistlerBC50340010/16/2021BC Athletics
Mt. Tzouhalem 13kDuncanBC8246010/16/2021Frontrunners
Mt. Tzouhalem 7kDuncanBC4.3118010/16/2021Frontrunners
Squamish 23k (Postponed)SquamishBC14.25330010/17/2021Coast Mountain Trail Trail Series
Squamish 50kSquamishBC31850010/17/2021Coast Mountain Trail Trail Series
Rogue Gorge Half MarathonProspectOR13.190010/17/2021Daybreak Racing
The RuffCarsonWA7300010/18/2021Elevated Trail Racing
Happy Girls Sisters 5kSistersOR3.15210/20/2021Lay It Out Events
Carkeek 6 & 12 hourSeattleWA1.9343610/23/2021Endless Trails
Autumn Leaves 50 MileSt. PaulOR50110010/23/2021Oregon Road Runners Club
Autumn Leaves 50kSt. PaulOR3130010/23/2021Oregon Road Runners Club
Twin Peaks Trail Runs 10kJacksonvilleOR6.2170010/23/2021Woodlands Running
Twin Peaks Trail Runs 25kJacksonvilleOR15.5350010/23/2021Woodlands Running
Twin Peaks Trail Runs 50kJacksonvilleOR31700010/23/2021Woodlands Running
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Campbell Valley Speedway 10kLangleyBC6.220010/23/2021MEC N. Vancouver
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Campbell Valley Speedway 21.1kLangleyBC13.141010/23/2021MEC N. Vancouver
MEC Vancouver: Trail Race Campbell Valley Speedway 5kLangleyBC3.110010/23/2021MEC N. Vancouver
Chocolate Chip Cookie 50K Trail RunSpokaneWA31247010/24/2021Dave Dutton
Capital Peak Scary Ass 14KOlympiaWA8.7Unknown10/24/2021Oly Trails Running Club
Capital Peak Scary Ass 25KOlympiaWA15.5Unknown10/24/2021Oly Trails Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 20 mi.BellevueWA19.5370010/24/2021Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 50KBellevueWA31720010/24/2021Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series 8mi.BellevueWA8.2115010/24/2021Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain Trail Series MarathonBellevueWA26.2465010/24/2021Seattle Running Club
Monster Dash 5kBellevueWA3.1Unknown10/24/2021Shoes-N-Feet
Stub Stewart Trail Challenge 1/2 MarathonBuxtonOR13.1180010/17/2021Bivouac Racing
Stub Stewart Trail Challenge 1/4 MarathonBuxtonOR6.5584010/17/2021Bivouac Racing
Westfir 25kWestfirOR15.5362510/24/2021Elevated Trail Racing
Westfir 50kWestfirOR31715010/24/2021Elevated Trail Racing
Diez Vista 50kPort MoodyBC31640010/24/2021Coast Mountain Trail Trail Series
Spooky 12kPoulsboWA7.560010/30/2021Roots Rock Trail Running
Dia De Los Muertos Endurance 2,4,6,12, 24 Hr RunNewportOR2.621010/30/2021Ardor Adventures
Happy Girls Sisters 1/2 MarathonSistersOR13.143510/30/2021Lay It Out Events
Hallow's Eve 1/2 MarathonNorth VancouverBC13.1193010/30/2021Forerunners North Shore
Hallow's Eve 10kNorth VancouverBC6.280010/30/2021Forerunners North Shore
Hallow's Eve MarathonNorth VancouverBC26.2540010/30/2021Forerunners North Shore
MEC Victoria Beaver Lake 10K Trail RunVictoriaBC6.210010/30/2021MEC Victoria
MEC Victoria Beaver Lake 5K Trail RunVictoriaBC3.13510/30/2021MEC Victoria
Soames Grinder 6 hr.GibsonsBC160010/30/2021Team Wolverine Athletics
Coyote Wall 55kWhite SalmonWA34800010/30/2021Wonderland Running
Pumpkin Run 5 mileNorth BonnevilleWA510/30/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
McDonald Forest 15kCorvallisOR9.3145010/31/2021McDonald Forest 15k
McDonald Forest 5kCorvallisOR3.150010/31/2021McDonald Forest 15k
Silver Falls Trail Runs 5kSilvertonOR3.165810/31/2021Run Wild Adventures
Halloween 10kVernonBC6.2125010/31/2021Dirty Feet
Halloween 5kVernonBC3.152010/31/2021Dirty Feet
Tunnel Run 20kPentictonBC12.480010/31/2021Dirty Feet
MEC Victoria Beaver Lake Half Marathon Trail RunVictoriaBC13.124010/31/2021MEC Victoria
Coyote Wall 25kWhite SalmonWA15.5400010/31/2021Wonderland Running
Silver Falls Trail Runs 5kSilvertonOR31410011/5/2021Run Wild Adventures
Silver Falls Trail Runs 50kSilvertonOR31410011/6/2021Run Wild Adventures
Silver Falls Trail Runs 7 milerSilvertonOR798011/6/2021Run Wild Adventures
Silver Falls Trail Runs MarathonSilvertonOR26.2380011/6/2021Run Wild Adventures
Silver Falls Trail Runs 1/2 MarathonSilvertonOR13.1150011/7/2021Run Wild Adventures
Klickitat Trail 1/2 MarathonKlickitatWA13.150011/6/2021Columbia Gorge Running Club
Carkeek Cooler Trail Run 10kSeattleWA6.296011/6/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Carkeek Cooler Trail Run 5kSeattleWA3.148011/6/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Lithia Loop Trail MarathonAshlandOR26.2720011/6/2021Rogue Valley Runners
Bellingham Trail 1/2 MarathonBellinghamWA13.1250011/7/2021Destination Trail
Bellingham Trail MarathonBellinghamWA26.2500011/7/2021Destination Trail
Rattlesnake Mountain Half MarathonRichlandWA13.1180011/7/2021Runners of the Sage
Ravenna Refresher Trail Run 12kSeattleWA7.679011/13/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Ravenna Refresher Trail Run 4kSeattleWA2.523011/13/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Ravenna Refresher Trail Run 8kSeattleWA5.146011/13/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Run The Rock 20 mi.TerrebonneOR20440011/13/2021Alpine Running
Run The Rock 50mi.TerrebonneOR50610011/13/2021Alpine Running
Bandersnatch 5KAshlandOR3.185011/13/2021Ashland Woodlands & Trails Association
Lewis Loop 10 MilerAshlandOR10Unknown11/13/2021Ashland Woodlands & Trails Association
Dirty Bird Trail RunCoeur d'AleneID2.5Unknown11/13/2021Trail Maniacs
Phantom Run 12.5kNorth VancouverBC7.7150011/13/2021Forerunners North Shore
Phantom Run 19.5kNorth VancouverBC12.1284011/13/2021Forerunners North Shore
Phantom Run 24.5kNorth VancouverBC15.2247511/13/2021Forerunners North Shore
Grand Ridge Trail 1/2 MarathonIssaquahWA13.1240011/13/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Grand Ridge Trail 5 mileIssaquahWA5120011/13/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Grand Ridge Trail 50kIssaquahWA31600011/13/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Grand Ridge Trail MarathonIssaquahWA26.2480011/13/2021Evergreen Trail Runs
Run The Rock 1/2 MarathonTerrebonneOR13.1270011/14/2021Alpine Running
Run The Rock 50kTerrebonneOR31450011/14/2021Alpine Running
Battle to the Pacific 5kWarrentonOR3.13011/21/2021Bivouac Racing
Battle to the Pacific Half MarathonWarrentonOR13.18011/21/2021Bivouac Racing
Battle to the Pacific Quarter MarathonWarrentonOR6.654011/21/2021Bivouac Racing
Kevin's Cup Trail RaceWest LinnOR5Unknown11/7/2021X-Dog Events
Survival of the Fittest 35kSquamishBC21.751009/4/2021Coast Mountain Trail Series
Cape Mountain 50kFlorenceOR31600011/20/2021Daybreak Racing
Cape Mountain 25kFlorenceOR15.5300011/21/2021Daybreak Racing
Redmond Turkey Trot 10kRedmondOR6.2Unknown11/25/2021Bright Eyes, Bright Future
Redmond Turkey Trot 5kRedmondOR3.1Unknown11/25/2021Bright Eyes, Bright Future
Sekani Trail Run 10kSpokaneWA6.29519/26/2021Franklin APPLE Parent's Committee Inc
Sekani Trail Run 5kSpokaneWA3.14309/26/2021Franklin APPLE Parent's Committee Inc
Jingle Trail RunCoupevilleWA3.1Unknown12/4/2021Coupeville Chamber of Commerce
Redmond Reindeer Romp 1/2 MarathonRedmondWA13.1110012/4/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Redmond Reindeer Romp 5 mi.RedmondWA542012/4/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Canyon Rumble Frozen 10KMadrasOR6.265012/4/2021MADras Runners
Canyon Rumble Frozen 5KMadrasOR3.1Unknown12/4/2021MADras Runners
Canyon Rumble Frozen HalfMadrasOR13.1100012/4/2021MADras Runners
Shellburg Falls Trail RunLyonsOR5.275012/4/2021Run Wild Adventures
Santa 5kTwin FallsID3.115012/4/2021Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee
Harriers Stewart Mtn. Challenge 10 mi.VictoriaBC1030012/5/2021Prairie Inn Harriers
Harriers Stewart Mtn. Challenge 5 mi.VictoriaBC530012/5/2021Prairie Inn Harriers
Deception Pass 25KOak HarborWA15.5300012/11/2021Rainshadow Running
Deception Pass 50KOak HarborWA31430012/11/2021Rainshadow Running
Pigtails 50KRavensdaleWA31.1675012/11/2021Sweet Sweep
Pigtails MarathonRavensdaleWA26.256012/11/2021Sweet Sweep
Seward Solstice Run 10kSeattleWA6.240012/18/2021Northwest Trail Runs
Seward Solstice Run 4.2 mi.SeattleWA4.228012/18/2021Northwest Trail Runs
WIEC Wallowa LakesJosephOR33860012/27/2021Wild Idaho Endurance Challenge
Last Chance Half MarathonBellinghamWA13.1120012/31/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Last Chance MarathonBellinghamWA26.2240012/31/2021Northwest Endurance Events
Cap Crusher 12k (Postponed to 2022)North VancouverBC7.415003/19/2022Coast Mountain Trail Series
Cap Crusher 24k (Postponed to 2022)North VancouverBC14.930003/19/2022Coast Mountain Trail Series
Survival of the Fittest 18kSquamishBC11.234005/29/2022Coast Mountain Trail Series
Sky Pilot 14k (Return 2022)SquamishBC8.724509/10/2022Coast Mountain Trail Series
Sky Pilot 15k with rappel (Return 2022)SquamishBC9.325009/10/2022Coast Mountain Trail Series
Sky Pilot 25k (Return 2022)SquamishBC15.550009/10/2022Coast Mountain Trail Series
Sky Pilot 25k with rappel (Return 2022)SquamishBC15.560009/10/2022Coast Mountain Trail Series
Dirty Turtle 25kBremertonWA15.533005/22/20121Evergreen Turtle Rockets

Northwest Dirt Churners Affiliated Companies