Path Projects Krew Member Dave Stinchfield just finished the Tahoe 200. That makes him one of the few who have finished the Cocodona 250, Bigfoot 200, and the Moab 240 trail races. Dave became a Path Projects ambassador after trying the Path Projects running shorts and liner system to prevent extreme chaffing at these races. He also is a fan of Path Projects’ other apparel products. Let’s review his favorite items from Path Projects. Watch our YouTube interview on Dave running 200-mile races and how he integrates his race strategy with Path Projects gear.

First, let’s discuss why the shorts and liners are sold individually. Path Projects calls its shorts system component layering. There are multiple types of shorts and base liners for performance, versatility, comfort, practicality, thermoregulation, muscle support, and recovery. Separated liners allow for independent suspension, reducing friction and higher personal performance. There are fewer seams than classic two-part shorts. The waistband on the liner and shorts wicks moisture and has independent elasticity. All-sized liners work with all-sized shorts allowing for extreme versatility.

Dave’s Path Projects Gear


Dave swears by the shorts. He chaffed very severely in his first Bigfoot 200. Dave found out about Path Projects shorts and now uses Path for all his running and has no chaffing problems. He will change the liners during his long races but uses the same shorts throughout the whole 200-plus miles in a race.


Dave in his Graves PX shorts at the 2022 Cocodona 250-mile endurance run.


5″ Graves PX– Dave has worn the same pair of Graves shorts through several 200 milers and 50ks. He likes that it’s water-resistant to keep him dry. He keeps his earbuds, gel wrappers, and iPhone in the three expandable pockets.





Dave uses a couple of different styles and lengths of liners during his races. As a result, he’s had no wear issues, even in pairs he uses for his 200-mile races.

Tahoe 5″ Liner – The material makes the Path Project liners stand out. The super-soft Coolite Mesh material is self-wicking, breathable, and anti-microbial, so it doesn’t stink up your equipment bag. In addition, it’s lightweight and stretches with every stride to make any run comfortable.

Tahoe Full-Length Liner – Dave uses the full-length liner and wears shorts over the top in cold environments.


Dave’s favorite shirt is the Pyrenees T19 hooded long sleeve shirt. It drives his wife crazy because it’s all he wears. The snorkel hood keeps the hood from blowing off the head during high winds. At the wrists are thumbholes and an opening for a watch face on the left arm. The Tencel blend fabric makes it comfortable to wear all day long. Dave is 6’3″ with long arms, and the shirt fits him perfectly.

Unita AD SS T– Made from Airdot mesh fabric for warm weather, this shirt is perfect for summer running and racing. The Andes AD Tank Top is the Airdot mesh tank top.

Dave wears the Path Project printed shirts every day because the Tencelite 19 fabric is super comfortable. The classic fit shirts wick away moisture, are quick-dry, and have natural anti-odor protection.


The Killiam PX pants have zippers around the ankle to get them off over the shoes. These pants are also water-repellant, which helps when running through wet and cold conditions. It has the same pocket set up as the Graves PX.

The Killiam PX sells out fast. So stay on the watch list to order a pair.



Path Projects does collaborations with others in the running community. The hats are lightweight and pliable. Unfortunately, Dave lost his favorite cap, a Ten Junk Miles trucker hat, at a recent race.


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