The Pineview Trail system offers a variety of distances to run.  Connector trails are constantly being added, so it’s easy to find the terrain, elevation gain, and distance for any trail runner. The east side is open year-round while the west side has a seasonal cattle grazing closure until July 1 each year.


The view of Kamloops from the start of Beer Run

A 29km loop featuring some of Pineview’s best trails like Marshmallow, Low Iron, Dragonfly, Wally World, and Miner 29er can be done from the North or East trailhead.  The route offers all that the park has, including a dry desert area on the Westside, pine trees abound on the North end and grassy fields in the Southern area.  The start of Beer Run Trail has a great view of the Kamloops area.  It’s best to get the GPX file from the CalTopo map and download it to a watch, as it’s easy to get confused in this trail system with so many connector trails.



Some the longer trails and approximate distances in the Pineview Trail System are:

A Blaze on the Hillside – 1600m

Beer Run – 1600m

Dragonfly – 3200m

Iron Mask – 10k

Iron Mask Fitness – 1600m

Mine – 3200m

Miner 29’er – 3200m

Road Runner – 1600m

Rock and Roll – 1600m

Rodeo – 3200m

Spin Cycle – 3200m

Switch it Up – 3200m

Triple Lumen – 1600m

Wally World – 1600m

Yogi – 1600m

Check out the Pinevew Trails Map courtesy of Kamloops Trails for a more detailed map.