Wildwood Trail Map

///Wildwood Trail Map

Wildwood Trail Map


24″ x 16″ print
$40 + shipping
Half the profits will go to the Forest Park Conservancy.
Updated with new Forest Park Conservancy logo


Celebrating Forest Park Conservancy’s 70th year, Wonderland Mapping has re-released the map with the new FPC logo.

Wildwood Trail is an iconic and much-beloved 30-mile path that traverses the vast, forested wildscapes of Forest Park. Wonderland Mapping has created this thoughtfully elegant display-quality map of the Wildwood Trail.

Now you can have a high resolution 24″ x 16″ print for just $40 plus shipping!

Half the profits will be donated to the Forest Park Conservancy, whose mission is to maintain trails, restore habitat, and inspire community appreciation for Portland’s greatest natural treasure.


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 38 × 6.25 × 5.25 in


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