Cancellation Policies

Before registering and participating in any of our events, a race participant must agree to the following policies. Northwest Dirt Churners reserves the right to modify these policies, including policies due to COVID-19-related event cancellations.

Refunds, Transfers, Deferrals:

There are no refunds given for any reason. Transfers of a race registration to another runner are allowed at least 14 days before the race. We do not offer deferrals for the following year. See the Race Credit Policy below.

Runner Withdrawal:

Withdrawals are allowed for runners who cannot make the event and recover a portion of the race registration fee in the form of race credit, valid for up to one year from the date of cancellation. The credit amount depends on how far the runner’s withdrawal is made in advance of the race. So please come back and race with us again and again while honoring the ongoing work we do throughout the year for each event. See the Race Credit Policy below, which includes Cancellation Instructions.

Race Credit Policy:

If a runner has to cancel a race, we offer credit toward a future Northwest Dirt Churners race if you withdraw in advance (see cancellation instructions below). We work hard to offer one of the most flexible, fair, and feasible race credit policies out there while also taking Northwest Dirt Churners’ ongoing staff time and expenses leading up to a race into account. Credit percentage uses the following tiered structure and is based on the date a runner withdraws before race day

  • 30 or more days before the race date: 50% credit toward a future Northwest Dirt Churners race

  • 14 or more days before the race date: 25% credit toward a future Northwest Dirt Churners race

  • less than 14 days before the race date: no credit available.

Cancellation Instructions:

If you need to cancel your registration, YOU will need to withdraw from the race via your UltraSignup account to get the race credit, as we cannot do it for you and will not apply for credit retroactively. Please follow these steps to CANCEL a race registration:

  1. Login to your UltraSignup account.

  2. Click “Registration History” under your account name.

  3. Scroll to the race you need to cancel and click “Edit.”

  4. Next, click on “Cancel Registration.”

  5. Finally, choose “Event Credit.”

  6. Once complete, the credit is tied to your account and will automatically apply during registration for your next Northwest Dirt Churners race.

Race Credit Conditions:

  • Credit is valid for one year from the date of cancellation of a race entry.

  • Redeeming race credit does not allow you to enter a sold-out race, bypass a waitlist, or register before a race opens to everyone.

Transfer Distance

A participant may transfer race distances within the same event and may do so within their Ultrasignup account as long as the requested race is not sold out and the request to change is made at least two weeks before race day. If an event participant wants to change to a cheaper race distance (with available space) at the same event, they will not receive a refund. Conversely, suppose a participant would like to upgrade to a more expensive race distance (with available space) at the same event. In that case, the participant will be directed to pay the price difference in Ultrasignup for the desired distance.

Merch Purchases

Race shirts, hats, etc., are purchased months in advance, year-specific, and non-refundable. No refunds will be issued for any reason regarding pre-ordered race shirts, hats, and other add-ons. These items can be shipped at the expense of the buyer. Buyer must notify the race director before the race to hold the shirt to be shipped.

Merchandise purchases must be picked up at race day check-in (or packet pick-up event when applicable). Remaining shirts and other items not picked up by the time the race starts are considered forfeited and will be re-sold when our merchandise table opens after the race starts.

Race Cancellation (If Northwest Dirt Churners has to cancel an event):

Northwest Dirt Churners reserves the right to cancel, alter, postpone or reschedule any race distance or entire event for any reason and at any time if conditions are deemed unsafe or dangerous to staff, volunteers, and participants, including in response to a force majeure event occurring during a race or in advance of a race. Force majeure includes but is not limited to extreme/severe weather, fire danger, earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption, flooding, storm damage, contagious or infectious illness outbreak, an act of war or terrorism, security threat, or any other extreme condition or unforeseen circumstance that makes a race impossible to conduct safely, in violation of event insurance policy or event permitting conditions. Race credit and partial refund options will be determined case-by-case if an event is forced to be canceled.

Race Postponement:

If we cannot hold a race on its planned date, we will make every attempt to reschedule the event for later in the same year feasibly.