Ron Homer is July’s feature trail runner of the month.  Ron lives in Vancouver, WA.  He’s been a manager for a local Crossfit/ Fitness facility for the past six years as well as a private Certified Run Coach and a coach for Ridgefield High School Track and Cross Country teams. In his spare time, he enjoys just relaxing, camping, listening to music, watching a good movie, or doing a little yard work.

Ron at Badger Mountain 50 mile race.

How did you get into trail running?

I have always enjoyed the trails but back in 2010, I was just tired of the relentless mental and physical beating I was taking in the asphalt jungle. The trails are just so much more peaceful and what’s not to love about the epic views that mother earth has given us.

What is your favorite trail to run on?

I have many favorite trails so hard to choose just 1 … but I would say Cape Horn (Skamania Co. WA. ) it has a little bit of everything to offer and it’s a short drive.

What is your favorite trail race?

Post Canyon 50k/ Half Marathon in Hood River OR.  It has a great RD and crew offering up a challenging yet fun course that is basically a party in the woods.

What are your weekly average running miles and ascent?

My average weekly mileage is typically 45-60 with about 6500ft of climb in a week. But I have been known to throw in some bigger mileage/ climbs every so often. I have come to understand for me that strength work and mobility Trump mileage in the end.

What is a typical weekday run?

My weekday run is usually 5-8 miles with rolling hills, often urban trails throughout the Portland / Vancouver metro area.

What is a typical weekend run?

The weekends are for the long 10-20 milers while searching out some elevation ( vert not real ;) ) usually back-to-back days somewhere in the beautiful PNW Gorge.

A run in the Columbia River Gorge

What shoes do you wear?

I am an Altra enthusiast when it comes to shoes. I definitely embrace the space as well as the neutral offset. For trails, I lace up the current versions of the Timp 3 for trails and for the asphalt the Torin 5.

What is your favorite trail running apparel?

My favorite run apparel has been the Janji shorts and Rabbit tops/tanks. But also enjoy the tri-blend tees for casual run/ workouts.

What watch do you wear?

I am currently tracking workouts with the Garmin 245 1st generation and so far no real issues. What I am craving is longer battery life. So I’m going to be purchasing the Coros Apex soon.

What nutrition do you like to use on runs and races?

Workouts and races are typically fueled by Spring Energy and Liquid IV or Tailwind. I have tried many products over the years and miles and these seem to be a little easier on the GI.

What do you like most about the trail running community?

I love our trail running community because it seems no matter where or who you might run into someone and you’re treated like family pretty quickly. I would also say that most of the trail community leaves their egos at home and tend to embrace all levels of trail enthusiasts.

What are your social media accounts?

Just in case anyone cares to follow or connect with a middle-aged mid-packer who loves to throw down on any adventure with friends you can find me
@twistedlacesrunning on the Gram or Ronald Homer on Facebook.
You may also check out our @vantuckytrailrunners group.