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The Salomon S/LAB Sense Ultra 8 set is my favorite pack of all the packs. I feel like a lawyer defending its worthiness when I talk about this product because it is almost unjust how good this pack is.

The fit: This pack is as light as a feather, easy to wash, and adjusts to fit how you want it. Ladies, I mean you can move the clasps and have the bungees cross your chest however you see fit. I do suggest sizing down when purchasing or trying them on. You want as little chafing as possible. I wear a medium t-shirt but wear an xs in this pack for reference. Reminder: they are unisex sizing.

The water storage: Those soft flasks in the front? Don’t fret, they conform to your body as you drink them. Thus meaning they become smaller and lighter the more you drink. The flasks also have bungees to keep them from bouncing. I have had zero issues with this! Together they carry about a liter worth of water (17oz each)- so who wants a big ol’ bladder that bounces? Not me. Storage/ pockets: There are large pockets up front that I use for gels/nutrition. Zipper pockets and open pockets on the side for my phone, trash, or large snacks. There is a small pocket AND a large pocket in the back for any other useful stuff: layers, jackets, poles (although I recommend getting the attachment for poles).

The SMALL bad: The front pockets can rip! I would not put your heavy phone there or anything too large that will stretch it. It’s fixable but be warned.

Basically, I can’t talk about this pack enough. There is so much storage, breath-ability, comfort, and usage that goes into having one of these bad boys. Use it for your 10 to 100 milers, FKTs, fun trips, or just plain ol’ fashion (see cool pic.. kidding).



Jackie running with her S/LAB Sense ULTRA 8 Set vest