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Snoop Dogg and the Dirty Turtle race director Gretchen Ta had a brief press conference to announce his participation in the 2023 Dirty Turtle 50k in Green Mountain State Forest in Kitsap County, WA.

Press Conference Transcript:

Gretchen Ta: Good afternoon everyone, I’m Gretchen Ta, the race director of the Dirty Turtle 50k. We’re here today to talk about the upcoming race and to introduce one of our runners, the legendary Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg: What’s up everybody? I’m excited to be running the Dirty Turtle 50k. It’s gonna be a challenge, but I’m up for it.

Gretchen Ta: Snoop, we’re thrilled to have you participate in our race. Can you tell us a bit about your training and what inspired you to take on this challenge?


Snoop Dogg running near Mammoth Lakes, CA.


Snoop Dogg: Well, I’ve always been into fitness and staying active. Running is one of my favorite ways to do that. I’ve been training hard for the Dirty Turtle 50k, focusing on building my endurance and staying consistent with my workouts. As for what inspired me, I love pushing myself to try new things and take on challenges. When I heard about the Dirty Turtle 50k, I knew it was something I had to do.

Gretchen Ta: That’s fantastic. We’re excited to see you out there on the course. Can you give us a sense of what runners can expect from the race?

Snoop Dogg: Yeah, the Dirty Turtle 50k is no joke. It’s a tough course with lots of hills and some challenging terrain. But that’s what makes it so rewarding. It’s a true test of your fitness and your mental toughness. I think runners can expect to be challenged, but also to have a lot of fun out there.


Snoop Dogg enjoying a trial run in Green Mountain State Park


Gretchen Ta: Absolutely. And Snoop, as someone who has a huge following and a platform to inspire others, what message do you hope to send by participating in this race?

Snoop Dogg: For me, it’s all about promoting health and wellness. Running is such a great way to stay in shape and take care of yourself. I want to encourage people to get out there and be active, no matter what their fitness level is. The Dirty Turtle 50k might not be for everyone, but there are so many other ways to stay active and challenge yourself. I hope that by running this race, I can inspire people to get moving and take care of themselves.


Snoop Dogg running in Griffith Park


Gretchen Ta: Well said, Snoop. We’re grateful for your participation and can’t wait to see you out there on race day.

Snoop Dogg: Thanks, Gretchen. I’m looking forward to it. Let’s do this!

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