The Sutton Trail system is located a mile off of HWY 101 just four miles north of Florence starting at the Sutton Campground.   It’s only 1.5 miles to Sutton Beach and 2 miles to Sutton Lake from the trailhead but the short run through the area will offer a variety of trees and vegetation, including coastal pine, Douglas-fir, spruce, wax myrtle, and huckleberry.


Sutton Creek has a wide variety of trees and vegetation


Starting at the campground, cross the creek on the road and head toward the Sutton Creek South Trail.  Take the trail for 1.5 miles to the Holman Vista and enjoy a view of Sutton Beach.  Baker Beach trail is just on the other side of the creek if getting wet is part of the run.  After reaching the vista, head back to the Sutton Creek trail and continue around the loop and cross the creek to the Sutton Creek North Trail.


The Holman Vista offers views of Sutton Creek and Sutton Beach

Take a left at the Alder Dune Trail for an out and back to visit Alder Dunes and Alder Lake.  Once back on Sutton Creek North Trail, head left back to the campground and the trailhead.  This should be over 6 miles.  Cool down with a jaunt over to Sutton Lake.