Looking for a fun run through several Portland neighborhoods and parks?  Use this 14.5-mile route for a fun way to explore SW Portland using the SW Trails PDX routes and trails in Tryon Creek, George Himes Park, Marshall Park, Burlingame Park, Willamette Park, and the Riverview Natural Area.

Start in Lake Oswego at the Iron Mountain Trailhead to enter Tryon Creek Natural Area on Iron Mountain Trail.  The trail follows Nettle Creek for .63 miles until it reaches Tryon Creek.  Turn left before the bridge on the South Creek Trail to the Red Fox Bridge.  Follow signs to the Nature Center using the Old Main Trail.  Continue north of the Nature Center to the North Horse Loop.  Continue North through the intersection of the Equestrian Parking Lot Trail.  At the most Northern part of the North Horse Loop is a trail to the Lewis and Clark Law School.  Take that trail out of the park and through the parking lot.


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Look for the roundabout on Terwilliger and follow the signs to Lewis and Clark College (S. Palater St.)  Stay left through the parking lots of Lewis and Clark College.  The track, football stadium, and tennis courts will be on the right.  At the left side of the last parking lot is a trail that leads into the River View Natural Area.  This primitive trail (#3) descends rapidly toward the Willamette River.  The trail ends near Macadam Ave.  Any trail will eventually arrive at the entrance.  Trail 6 is the trail with the fewest turns.


River View Natural Area sign near Macadam Ave.


At the top of River View is the entrance from South Palantine Hill.  Turn right on South Palantine Hill and follow the road as it turns left twice.  After the second left turn is the entrance to River View Cemetary.  Follow the painted bike turns as it descends through the cemetery.  The road ends at the Sellwood Bridge.  Use the crosswalk and take the Willamette Greenway bike path toward the South Waterfront.  The path follows the river and through Willamette Park.  Turn left on Nebraska St. and follow the SW Trails 3 signs to Iowa Street and through George Himes Park.


SW Trails 3 sign as it enters George Himes Park.


Follow George Himes Trail up the stairs and underneath I-5 and Barber Blvd. trestles.  Take a left at the unmarked split in the trail and continue on #3 to Nebraska and Terwilliger’s intersection.  Turn left on the Terwilliger bike path and continue on Terwilliger to the bridge over I-5.  Turn right on Canby just after the bridge and onto SW Trails 4.  The is path follows a path into Burlingame Park.  Look for several stuffed animals place in tree branches.  Follow SW Trails 4 after the park to Capital Hill School.  Turn left at the school and follow SW 17th up to and over the hill beyond Marigold Hydro Park.  SW 17th ends at Taylors Ferry Road.  The Hillsdale’s proposed trail to Lake Oswego trail is supposed to begin here to Marshall Park, but for now, take a quick right, then left on SW 18th Place to enter Marshall Park. There is no sidewalk or shoulder here, so take extreme caution.

Marshall Park is a hidden gem of SW Portland.  Follow the SW Trails 6 path through the park beyond the playground.  The path crosses Tryon Creek using a beautiful arched bridge, and onto SW 11th Dr.  The Hillsdale to Lake Oswego trail will bypass this street and follow the creek to the new bridge on Boones Ferry Road.  Take a left on Arnold Street from SW 11th and then turn right on Boones Ferry.


The arch bridge over Tryon Creek in Marshall Park.


Once on Boones Ferry, look left to use the North Creek Trail entrance to Tryon Creek Park.  From North Creek Trail, turn right at the High Bridge to the West Horse Loop Trail.  Turn right on the Englewood Horse Trail and cross the Bunk Bridge over Park Creek.  Climb the hill, then turn left on Hemlock Trail through a scenic cedar grove to the Cedar Trail.  Turn right on Cedar Trail, then left on Red Fox Trail.  After a short stint on Red Fox is the South Creek Trail’s junction that the run started on.  Turn right on South Creek, then right on Iron Mountain back to the finish.