I contacted the company Ten Thousand after seeing an ad for their new Session shorts on IG. To be completely transparent I initially thought they had a zip pocket on both sides of the shorts and thus would be a solid competitor to my go-to shorts the Patagonia Nine Trails. As you will see in the review, having one zipper pocket does not detract from the Session shorts’ ability to perform. For many reasons that will become clear as you continue to read, the Session shorts are now my chosen shorts for running. 


After emailing with Brian at Ten Thousand, he graciously provided me with the ability to get all three shorts that they sell: The Session, the Foundation, and the Interval. He also helped make sure that I had all of them before heading off for our trip to Chamonix to run around Mont Blanc. This was the perfect adventure to get a feel for how each pair was going to perform.


The Interval


I initially purchased the Interval in a size medium as that was the only size in black that they had in stock. However, the medium was too large, so I switched to the light grey small with a 7” inseam and the liner. The small was a much better fit, and I like the light grey colorway as it is a switch from your typical black athletic shorts. The waistband of these shorts are super comfortable, maybe the most comfortable of their entire line, although that is not an easy distinction to make as all of their shorts are comfortable. The liner on these shorts is where things get a little tricky. Let’s just say that during a couple of my test runs I started feeling slight chaffing from areas that should not feel chafing. This may be because the leg openings are a little snug and I am unable to get the support in the appropriate areas. That does not stop them from being a solid choice for a 5-10 mile run, at least for me, as well as being a very comfortable pair of shorts for working out or doing yoga.


Both the Interval and the Foundation shorts have three pockets, two standards, and one zippered. They can fit an iPhone, gels, and a few more items


The Foundation


I purchased the Foundation shorts in size small in the stone blue colorway with a 7” inseam, and a liner. The Foundation shorts are made of a slightly thicker material than the Interval and have a board short design. I was a little nervous about the board short design. While I have always loved the aesthetic, I have never found a pair that fits me. Until now. These shorts fit well, are comfortable while also feeling super durable. I used them throughout our Mont Blanc trip as my post-run shorts, and I could not have been more pleased with that choice. And while I didn’t run with them there, I have run in them since. They may end up being my preferred shorts for the winter months due to the heavier material. Either way, it was a joy to run in them. They may be Ten Thousand’s most versatile shorts as I also felt comfortable using them for a short SUP excursion. 



The Session


I purchased the Session shorts in size small in the black colorway with a 5” inseam, and a liner. The 5” inseam is shorter than my normal length so I wasn’t sure whether I would like it, and I was nervous about the shorter liner being an issue as well. Well, it is safe to say after putting about 66 miles of running on these shorts in Mont Blanc, plus some miles since the liner is not an issue at all. I like the 5” inseam as well, even though it shows where my tan line from the 7” inseam of my other shorts ends on my leg. And these shorts are super comfortable, not to mention light and breathable. They are now my most-liked running shorts, both for short and long runs.


The Session shorts work fantastic as running shorts, but can also crossover from active to leisure wear



Both the Interval and the Foundation shorts have three pockets, two standards, and one zippered. The zipper pockets on the Foundation and Interval can fit my iPhone XR plus some cards and a couple of gels. I did notice slightly more bounce from the Interval shorts zippered pocket, but nothing that got in the way of running. The Session has one zippered pocket on the outside which is slightly smaller than the other two shorts and can fit an ID, debit card, and a few gels. It also has two internal form-fitting pockets. One that fits my iPhone XR on the back right, and one key pocket on the front left. Internal pockets have not been my favorite in the past, but Ten Thousand has nailed it with the Session. It allows the shorts to stay super light and get out of the way on longer runs, while also providing the ability to carry what I like to carry on my shorter runs. The zipper on the pocket of each pair of shorts feels sturdy and moves smoothly. Both the Interval and the Session have a wide drawstring in the waistband that is comfortable, sturdy, and effective. The Foundation’s board short style includes ties in the front, a velcro closure, and elastic in the back half of the waistband. The material that all of the shorts are made from moves well and has some stretch to it. 



Feature Requests

I have only one feature request. Having a small pocket in the Interval and Foundation zipper pockets that can hold credit card/id size items separate from other items would be a fantastic addition. There have been a few times while running that I have pulled out my iPhone to take a picture only to have my id and debit card slide out and fall on the ground. Having a way to secure those would be fantastic.


I think Ten Thousand has a solid lineup here. My top pick as a runner is the Session, with the Foundation edging out the Interval for second place due to the Foundations style and material. This gives it some crossover potential from active to leisure. The Foundation has become my most favored post-activity pair of shorts. The Interval shorts are no slouch, though, holding its own on the shorter runs. However, the Session shorts are the best pair of shorts I have run in yet, so if you are looking for another pair of running shorts, these are it. They are comfortable, light, and secure with no bounce.


Ten Thousand’s philosophy revolves in part around what David Roche talks about in the Happy Runner: the process. That by focusing on what you are accomplishing in the moment of every day, you will continuously grow stronger, tougher, faster. Ten thousand also has a recycling program called One In/One Out that provides a method for you to send any used workout gear to them and receive a 10% discount off your next order.


You can purchase any of the shorts in this review directly from their website here. A note about the sizes I purchased: I am 5’ 10”, about 162lbs, and my waist is between 31 and 32 inches. 



  • Shell fabric: 86% Polyester 14% Spandex
  • Shell construction: 4-way stretch poplin
  • Shell weight: 133 GSM
  • Lasercut ventilation along outseams
  • Available in 7” and 9” inseam
  • Available with or without liner
  • Bonded hems for no bulk, lightweight performance
  • Sweat-wicking and quick-drying
  • Leg gusset for range of motion


  • Shell fabric: 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
  • Shell weight: 168 GSM
  • Shell construction: Double weave construction for strength
  • Silver Ion anti-odor finish
  • Leg gusset for increased range of motion


  • Shell fabric: 86% Polyester 14% Spandex
  • Shell construction: 4-way stretch woven
  • Shell weight: 124 GSM
  • Lasercut ventilation along outseams
  • Bonded hems for no bulk, lightweight performance
  • Sweat-wicking and quick-drying
  • Leg gusset for range of motion