In 2018, trail running retail specialist Territory Run Co launched the Long Haul running cap emphasizing performance and style. It’s been their best-selling cap since that launch. Territory Run Co has now branded new ultra-performance-oriented gear with its Long Haul Collection. All items have the Lone Fir logo. Here’s my review of each of those products.

Long Haul Shirt – $49


The super soft Long Haul Tee is made from 100% recycled polyester. It’s moisture-wicking and lightweight, making it useful for any distance at any temperature. I’ve run with this shirt in rainy and hot conditions, and the shirt did well wicking extra moisture. The fabric’s softness reminds me of a Rabbit shirt. I liked this shirt so much on my first run I decided to run the Cuyamaca 100k in the Long Haul Tee a week later, and it performed well from the start at 47 degrees to 90 degrees at midday to 60 degrees at the finish.


Long Haul Tee and Belt at the Cuyamaca 100k outside of San Diego.


The Long Haul Tee comes in serene orange and sky blue, with a men’s and women’s fit.



Men’s serene orange Long Haul Tee


Women’s sky blue Long Haul Tee

Long Haul Shorts – $54

The minimal seams and stitching of the Long Haul Shorts are designed with performance in mind. These quick-drying polyester shorts can be used for any distance. There are three interior pockets: two on the hips and one zipper pocket in the back. The side stash pockets on the hips each have a bungee key loop. The back zipper pocket is large enough to hold most phones and a key fob (if you don’t like using the bungee cord.)

I’ve done one short and one long run in these shorts. I kept an iPhone 12 in the back pocket. I had to tighten the drawstring near the beginning of the run to help eliminate the bounce of the phone. It didn’t bounce after that. For the long run, I used the side pockets to stash gel wrappers without any problems loading on the run. There were no chaffing problems with the liner seams. All in all, these shorts performed well in the rain and in heat.

The men’s 5″ inseam is larger than the women’s shorts (2.5″ inseam.) The shorts are available in mellow yellow, sea green, and black. The men’s drawstring is on the exterior of the waistband. Each pair of shorts has a liner. Sizes available are extra small to extra large.

Men’s mellow yellow Long Haul shorts

Women’s sea green Long Haul shorts.

Long Haul Belt – $32

I’ve been using the Salomon Pulse Belt for four years, and Territory Run Co has done a great job with a similar product in the Long Haul Belt. I keep it in the car because it pairs great with all running shorts. The pockets are very large, so pulling out and putting back a full soft flask on the move is easy. I like carrying water on the front side, but I know others prefer it in the back. The belt will hold all 500ml size flasks. Territory Run Co. also carries the SkyFlask to pair with the Long Haul Belt. There is a bungy key loop for secure key ring storage. A phone can be carried in the pocket opposite the hydration belt.

Territory Run Co claims the Long Haul Belt doesn’t bounce. After one run, I can verify that statement. For my first run, I carried a 500 ml soft flask in the front, two gels, and a GoPro in the back pocket. I liked it so much I decided to wear the belt for my 100k. The belt allowed extra water for the extreme heat in between aid stations. I could access the water even while carrying poles.

The small to 2XL sizes for the belts are unisex. Men should size up from their short sizes. Women should size down.

Front side of Long Haul belt

Rear side of Long Haul belt



Using the Long Haul Collection Goods in Portland’s Forest Park.

Merino Wool Gloves – $19

The new knitted Merino wool gloves from Territory Run Co. arrive just in time for cold fall night and wet winter runs. Anyone familiar with Merino wool knows the product stays warm but dries quickly. Perfect for cold and rainy conditions in the Pacific Northwest. The medium weight is embroidered with a Territory Run Co. label and Lone Fir logo.

Knitted Merino wool gloves