Tour de Buttes is a run dreamed up by Mike Strobel for Eastwind Running & Endurance.  “I like coming up with challenges for our club and they respond”, says Strobel. “It is a team builder and a major source of pride for those who finish.”


2020 finishers of the new marathon distance of all five peaks.


“Basically, it is an endurance run that starts and ends at Main City Park,” describes Strobel. “We run at 4 am to avoid traffic on the first part. We head east on the Springwater, up Regnar to Gabbert Road (very tough climb), up and around Hogan Butte, then down to Butler and east to Hogan to Cleveland, cross Regnar and up to 19th to Gresham Butte saddle trail, turn and go to the top of Gresham Butte, back to Gresham Saddle trail to Towle to Springwater, west to Binford Lake trail and up to that park and back to Springwater, down to Powell Butte, large loop, and then back to Main City Park. So a mix of paved and dirt trails. Most years it is 22+ miles, but in 2020 we added in by starting and finishing at City Hall to be a true marathon. Finishers get a goat necklace.”


Injinji Women’s Trail Midweight Mini-Crew $16.00


The first few years were 23 miles of trail, road, and the Springwater Corridor bike path.  “I emphasize that this is not an adventure run, not a race,” emphasizes Strobel. “We stay as a group.  We stop and enjoy the views. We help each other because this is purely for team involvement, not for speed or pace.”


Goat necklaces for the finishers of the Tour de Buttes

Tour de Buttes Route