The Tradition Plateau loop an easy trail run in Tiger Mountain State Forest.  Both the High Point and East Sunset Way trailheads offer access to several trails on the plateau and around Tradition Lake.  There is no hill to climb from the High Point trailhead, making it easy for children to access the forest.

Northwest Dirt Churners and Shoes-N-Feet hosted run from Sunset Alehouse to the East Sunset Way trailhead for a five-mile lollipop loop.

The trail starts about 1/2 mile from Sunset Alehouse and the trail climbs up to the plateau.  Once the climbing is done, head left to the Adventure trail at the first trail junction.  Take a right on Adventure Trail.  Follow the trail for 3/4 of a mile to the Poo Poo Point trail junction.  Don’t go to Poo Poo Point.  Turn left toward the Bus Trail for a quarter-mile.  The Bus Trail is the first trail to loop around Tradition Lake.  It’s named the Bus Trail because of an old rusty bus on the left side of the trail.



In just short of a mile, the trail veers left toward the High Point trailhead and turns into the Swamp Trail.  After a half-mile, take the Ruth Kee’s Big Tree Trail to continue the loop around the lake.  The trail continues for another 3/4 mile until Puget Power Rd.  Go right for a short bit to come to the trail and go down the same trail used for the ascent to the plateau.  Run back to the start for a beer and some pub grub.