TrailFactor is a trail running group that was started by Shawn and Jessi Bostad in 2008, according to long time member Rick Kneedler.  There is a website still up but hasn’t been updated since 2013.  Facebook is the best way to keep in touch with the group.

They organized adventures in the Gorge, Mt Hood, coast range, and so on, typically 15-25 miles of tough terrain. Examples:

  • Angels Rest, Devils Rest, Wahkeena, Multnomah Falls from Bridal Veil
  • Clackamas River
  • Elk-Kings
  • Eagle Creek Benson loop. Shawn bonked because Day 1 of his raw diet attempt according to Rick
  • Table Mountain

There was also the infamous 6:55 club (met 6:55am Fridays at Lower Macleay) – mostly a few really fast guys. The group also attended a few races. “I remember Hagg Lake Mud Runs in 2009 was one” says Rick. “At that time, typically 5-10 people went on group runs.  In the fall of 2009, someone started the Tuesday night runs. I don’t remember her name (Ally?) and I think she moved away. The original Tuesday loop went up Wild Cherry and finished on Leif. A bunch of guys were into BF/minimalist running.”

Ruben Galbraith and Mallory Tyler took ownership of Trail Factor when Sean and Jessi moved to Texas for a few years, also around 2009.


Today the running group meets every Tuesday night, rain or shine, day or night, around 6:00 at the Thurman gate entrance to Leif Erickson Dr. and leaves promptly at 6:15.  Everyone runs together for 1.5 miles up on Leif Erickson to the Alder trail.  The group then splits where 4 and 6 milers run up Alder and the 8 milers continue to Nature trail.  Both groups take their respected trails up to Wildwood trail.  The 4 and 8 mile runners turn back down Wild Cherry to the Thurman gate and the 6 mile runners run to Aspen trail and back to the gate on Aspen Drive. Click here for the GPS routes.

The group is open to anyone who shows up.  The runners wait at different spots on the route, so no one gets lost.  After the run, everyone heads to the Lucky Lab beer hall on NW Quimby for food and drinks.

Organized and non-organized weekend runs still happen throughout the year.