I came across this company late last year or early this year while trying to find a solid mid-weight convertible mitten that could easily be used in tandem with a touch screen phone. I really wanted something that allowed me to uncover all my fingers and thumbs, but also wasn’t bulky or too warm. I had used a number of gloves that were “touch screen compatible” but was underwhelmed with the performance. I credit Jameson with putting the bug in my ear to start looking for a convertible mitten, and I am super glad she did.  As the weather again starts too cool I wanted to share my impression of these mittens for those of you looking to keep your hands warm through the cooler running weather


I purchased the Small/Medium size, and they fit really well. They have an extended cuff which makes creating an overlap with whatever long-sleeve item you might be wearing super easy. The cuff does end bumping into the watch, but I quickly got used to that. They are easy to put on, and remove, although I always remove them with the mitten part stowed and then pulling on the middle and ring finger to get the process started. The fabric is very comfortable, and I do not even notice the magnet that holds the thumb cover securely in place when it is off. 


These go from mittens to fingerless gloves with ease. Going back to mittens is only slightly more difficult, particularly if you want your thumbs to be completely covered. The best method is to cover your thumbs prior to covering your fingers. That way you can pull the thumb covering down over a little ridge area that holds it in place with your fingers. Much easier than if the mitten portion is already covering said fingers. I really like the magnet that holds the thumb covering in place, and the pocket that holds the finger covering in place works well also. Initially I thought I would also want a magnet for the finger covering, but I think the pocket design touch is smart and keeps the gloves at a lighter weight. In terms of their warmth, for me, these work in temps down to the mid to upper 30s. They are meant to be used while you are active, but I have had good luck with them volunteering at aid stations in 40-degree weather. The gloves have a hook and loop attachment on the cuff to keep them together when you are not wearing them. I was somewhat surprised during my research on how many brands do not include this. 

Feature Requests

These are solid convertible mittens. I went back and forth on whether I had any feature requests, and I have decided that I do not. That makes this the first review I have done without any feature requests!


Trailheads is a small family-owned and operated business founded in 2002 in Kent, CT. Along with the mittens in this review, they also design ponytail friendly headwear, gloves, neck warmers, and helmet friendly headwear. They partner with various charitable organizations, with a focus on Guided Eyes for the Blind and the Make a Wish Foundation. When it comes to their products, they have a solid guarantee: a replacement or refund with no time limit if you are not pleased with their product. All of this makes supporting them an easy choice. I have made these convertible mittens part of my daily cool weather running kit, and I highly recommend you do the same.


Purchase directly from their site here.


  • TWO IN ONE VERSATILITY –  Easily switch from warm mittens to fingerless gloves. The mitten top tucks away in a pocket on the back of your hand – freeing your fingers for taking photos or texting.
  • 4-WAY STRETCH – Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric provides protection in cooler weather, making these feature-packed men’s mittens great for active use. Note: designed for aerobic activity, not suitable for standalone use in extremely cold weather.
  • MAGNET SECURED THUMB FLAPS – Hidden magnets fasten the thumb flaps when not in use. Mittens also available in women’s sizing for those in need of a smaller fit. 
  • REFLECTIVE ACCENTS FOR ENHANCED VISIBILITY – reflective stripes across the back of each mitten help the wearer be seen during the short, dark days of winter.