Because I’ve managed to hold on to my single pair of essential running gloves for many seasons without losing one in the bushes, I haven’t had an excuse to try something new. That’s why I readily agreed when asked by NW Dirt Churners to test and review the Men’s Touchscreen Running Gloves by TrailHeads.

These gloves represented a significant upgrade in style, fit, and functionality. I immediately noted the construction, which I learned is called a fourchette style for the gusseted fingers. This gives a very comfortable fit. The double-layer cuffs keep the gloves from riding up on the wrists. As stated on the TrailHeads website, these are not winter-weight gloves, although I found the material adequate for trail running in temperatures just above freezing. I put them through a couple of wash cycles and tumble-dried them on low — despite the instructions to air dry. There was no apparent degradation, fraying, or shrinkage. My intuition is that they will hold up for a long time with proper care.


The Trailheads Touchscreen gloves on a Hawaiian lava tube trail run.


The gloves feature reflective material on the dorsal side, applied in a sporty geometric pattern, while the topographic-style silicon material on the palms is relatively grippy without compromising flexibility. The conductive fabric on the forefingers and thumbs actually worked. Unfortunately, I had to refrain from my habit of taking off a glove when operating my smartphone or swiping between displays on my GPS watch. That said, zooming in on a map required using a thumb on one hand and the index finger on the other while trying not to drop the device. This felt somewhat awkward, as I am used to zooming with the middle and forefingers of a single hand while cradling the device in the other hand. I wonder if TrailHeads has considered adding conductive material to the middle finger?



Finally, the stickers that shipped with the gloves actually seem cool. I think the graphic designers at TrailHeads agree, as the stickers are offered as a set for separate purchases on their website, along with other gloves, mittens, headwear, gaiters, and accessories.


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