The Upper Rogue River Trail #1034 is 47.1 miles that parallels the Rogue River and Crater Lake Highway 62 and Diamond Lake Highway 230 from the Boundary Springs Trail at the Crater Rim Viewpoint at Crater Lake to the North Fork Dam near Prospect.  Some of the trails can be hard to find.  The fall might be the best time to visit as the foliage explodes with bright reds and yellows of oaks and maples mixed among the evergreens.

The most popular access point is the Rogue River Gorge Viewpoint right next to HWY 62.  There are walking paths (1034A) for visitors that go down the Natural Bridge, where the river runs through lava tubes and the trail crosses the river.  From there it’s eight miles southwest to the Riverbridge Campground, which passes by the Takelma Gorge.


Takelma Gorge (Expert Properties)


Heading the opposite way from the Natural Bridge heads to Big Bend Trailhead.  This section switches up and down from the river.  It also fjords Flat Creek, which can be difficult in late spring.


The Rogue River near Natural Bridge. The river is contained by basalt cliffs throughout this section.


From Big Bend, the trail proceeds seven miles toward Foster Creek.  This section passes through pumice bluffs, marshes, Foster Creek, Hamaker Meadows, and Brown’s Cabin.


The Upper Rogue Trail is well-maintained in the center sections but can be hard to locate in the other areas.