Like me, you have trouble finding a running jacket that keeps you warm but still breaths well enough to allow sweat to evaporate. Most of the jackets I’ve tried leave me soaked on the inside. With the Ultimate Direction Ventro Jacket, those days are over.

As the year 2021 comes to a close, the weather in Portland has been close to freezing, otherwise the perfect weather for trying a new running jacket. The Ventro Jacket has the highest warmth-to-breathability ratio using award-winning Clo® Eco Vivo insulation, a breathable liner, and perforated materials in high-sweat areas.

Not only is Clo’s Vivo Performance Eco material made from 93% recycled fibers, but this perforated insulation also brings an edge in performance by increasing the breathability by 30%*, allowing moisture to escape and ultimate comfort for the wearer. This insulation was designed in Europe for the military and now can be used on any run in cold weather. It’s also perforated on the outer layer in the underarm and on the back to make it even more breathable. In addition, vents cover the mesh holes that keep runners warm while allowing sweat to leave the body.

Stretch panels on the side and the sleeves allow for easy movement. The fit is pretty snug but not too snug to allow extra layers if needed. I have been running with a technical shirt as the only other upper layer. At 11.9 oz., the Ventro is also very lightweight.

This jacket is not waterproof, but I stayed reasonably dry on several rainy runs.

On my long run, I put my hydration vest on the outside. The vest blocked the ventilation on the back, so I got pretty hot in the first mile. I unzipped the jacket, which helped cool me down, and afterward, I was OK with the pack on the outside.

One of my favorite features of the Ventro is the built-in and stowable Flip Mitts™, which are included for all-around best protection during extreme weather. When my hands get cold, I flip them over my fingers on the fly. Then, when I felt too warm, I just rolled them back—a much better alternative of having to stop and put gloves or mittens on and off.

The jacket has a hood that flips easily over a hat to cover a bare neck. It has two zipper pockets above the waist in the front. These pockets are loose, so something soft and light like gloves are good, but not something that bounces around like keys would be worth storing in them. The Ventro comes in men’s and women’s fits.


Watch our YouTube video with Kinoka Ogsbury, the Apparel Project Manager at Ultimate Direction, or click on the links below for more information on the Ventro.


Men’s Ventro Jacket $199.95 


Women’s Ventro Jacket $199.95




  • Breathable insulation, liner and face fabric are combined for the most breathable insulator
  • Award-winning Clo® Eco Vivo insulation increases breathability by 30% without sacrificing warmth and is made with 90% recycled fibers
  • Perforated back panel and underarm panels provide ventilation where it’s needed most, while maintaining wind protection in the front
  • Stowable Flip Mitts™ at sleeves protect hands during extreme temperatures
  • Grid fleece stretch panels at underarms and sides increase mobility and breathability


  • Weight: 338 g / 11.9 oz


  • Shell: 100% polyester
  • Liner: Perforated polyester woven

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