The Wilson River Trail is 20.6 miles from Elk Creek to Keenig Creek trailhead.  The ascent for the whole trail is around 3900 feet.  The trail can be split up with several trailheads.  The trail can be rocky in sections.  There are several creek crossings.  The trail is covered by alder, fir, cedar, hemlock, and other tree canopies.  Sometimes elk are spotted in the meadows.  The trail stays close to the Wilson River, except for the section between Kings Mountain and Jones Creek, which is the largest climbing section.  Coho Salmon can be spotted spawning the Wilson between October and January. Lester Creek Falls, Wilson Falls, and other falls can be enjoyed on the trail.  In the summer, cool off at the finish with a swim in the Wilson River at the Keenig Creek trailhead.


A creek crossing on the Wilson River Trail


Elk Creek to Kings Mountain – 3.6 miles

Kings Mountain to Jones Creek – 7.4 miles

Jones Creek to Tillamook Forestry Center – 1 mile

Tillamook Forestry Center to Footbridge Trailhead – 2.5 miles

Footbridge Trailhead to Keenig Creek – 6.1 miles

Indian Pipe can be seen on the trail in mid-June